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Wrecking Haboob

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Wrecking Haboob


Haboob is a creature that comes from Planet Zualabadon similar to The Seven Mistral & Apostle Sirocco. When Sirocco died, she was teleported to Pandemonium, but because there is not much energy to absorb, Haboob was slowly dying. Luke found her and placed her in the furnace of Sanctuary of Destruction and for saving her life, Haboob was eternally grateful to Luke and thus she started to serve him even without being brainwashed.

Move Set

Haboob generally stays inside the furnace and cannot be damaged until she prepares certain mechanics.

  • Flame Prison: Haboob will grab the nearest player and shoots out a flame beam, creating a orb around them. Players who have Flame Prison attached should stay far away from the party at all costs and is refrained from attacking whenever the furnace opens. This can also spread like Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) to other players who come in contact with the wielder.
  • Fireballs: Haboob shouts and summon fireballs with a range indicator. These deal moderate to heavy damage and can be avoided or blocked. Those with Flame Prison can be instantly killed if hit by one of them.
  • Lava Drip: The furnace will be opened, activating Haboob's damage phase. However, she'll have lava drip down on targeted players who have Flame Prison attached and stepping in the lava pools can cause Burn (Status).png Burn (Status) and continuous lethal damage.
  • Lava Bath: Similar to the Lava Drip pattern, lava will fall around the players. Standing on the lava causes continuous damage and should be avoided. Furnace is opened afterwards and Haboob spawns in the center of the map, after a short amount of time, Haboob returns to the furnace and closes it.
  • Fire Slimes: The furnace will be close for a few seconds and Haboob will summon a Fire Slime to swallow a random player and begins casting. After casting is finished, the furnace will be opened. They can be defeated quickly.


  • Flame Purge: Players with Flame Prison that attack while the furnace is opened causes Haboob to push back the party and launch large fire balls that fall from the ceiling, creating lave pools on the ground which deals very lethal damage. During this phase, four cooling vents will spawn in the corners and standing on them will protect players from the lava and extinguish Flame Prison. If two or more players stand on the same cooling vent, it'll deactivate.


  • It's recommended a Male or Female Crusader can approach the furnace and get the Flame Prison first so that three other party members can focus on attacking Haboob.
  • With a well coordinated party, Haboob's mechanics can be easily skipped with proper timing if holds are used on her once she rises out of the furnace and dispatched.




  • Haboob's name comes from a dust storm of the same name of Arabic origin meaning "blasting/drifting" as she too shares that wind naming motif with Mistral & Sirocco.


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