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Luke's Laboratory
Location Zelva/Pandemonium
Min. Level 90 (86 for Scenario)
Level 90
Monster Level 110 (86-88 for Scenario)
End Boss Icon-Constructor Luke.png Constructor Luke
Luke's Laboratory Map
Luke's Laboratory Loading Screen

Luke's Laboratory is Apostle Luke's secret research area in the Castle of the Dead. It can only be accessed by players who are at least Level 90 and have completed the Level 86 Epic Quest Epic Quest Icon.png Plans for the Future.

As of Season 6: Act 01 - Ascension, Luke Raid along with it's Solo, Hard Mode and Normal dungeons have been completely removed entirely and replaced with Luke Subjugation.



Berserk Gauge

Left: Normal/Right: Berserk rising

A unique mechanic to dungeons within Luke's Laboratory is the Berserk Gauge. Each Named and Boss Monster within the dungeon possesses a Berserk Gauge, which accumulates based on certain actions depending on the enemy, such as taking damage, holding, or unique enemy mechanics. When the Berserk Gauge completely fills, the monster in question will perform a special mechanic. Some monsters' Berserk Gauge will decrease overtime, while some will not.

Raid (Obsolete)

Upon completion of Side Quest Icon.png [Luke Raid] Constructor Luke 2, players gain access to Luke Raid, which is a significantly more difficult version of the normal dungeons and was considered the toughest content in the game until the release of the Beast Dungeon. It is meant to be cleared with 2 parties of 4, or 8 players in total. The Raid is split up into two areas which serve as phases—the Palace of Creation and the Sanctuary of Transcendence.

A single player can create a Raid Group by speaking to Nevillo Jurgen while in the Raid Channel. The Raid leader is able to organize their raid's parties and are responsible for coordinating their parties' objectives. The Raid can then be initiated by speaking to Imperial Princess Isabella when all Raid members fulfill the entrance requirements.

Entrance Requirement

Phase 1: The Palace of Creation

At the beginning of Phase 1, the only dungeon available is Sanctuary of Birth. Upon one party entering it, Sanctuary of Destruction and Sanctuary of Dispersion will open up. All three dungeons are split up into three sub-sections, and all must be completed in order to begin Phase 2. Each dungeon run has a limit of eight Life Token.png Life Tokens throughout the party, and may be attempted again should the party use up all eight. Two parties cannot be in the same Sanctuary dungeon at the same time, i.e., Party B cannot start Section 2 of Sanctuary of Birth while Party A is currently in Section 1 of Sanctuary of Birth.

Tarot Card System

All named-monsters within the Luke Raid dungeons are represented as Tarot Cards. These Tarot Cards are then randomly distributed throughout the dungeons, which determine when and where they are fought. During Phase 1, the placement of these Tarot Cards will determine what debuffs will occur throughout the Phase.

Furthermore, depending on the placement of these Tarot Cards, several debuffs will be active through each dungeon:

  • Sanctuary of Birth: Player's buffs or monster's debuffs will be occasionally removed.
  • Sanctuary of Dispersion: Monsters will gain either bonus Physical Defense or Magical Defense.
  • Sanctuary of Destruction: Players gain increased elemental damage and resistance while receiving decreased elemental damage and resistance of the opposite of the first element.
  • In order to remove these debuffs, parties must destroy various generators located within each dungeon.

Phase 2: The Sanctuary of Transcendence

Upon entering Phase 2, Altar of Light: Entrance and Altar of Darkness: Entrace will be available. At this point, the raid will split up into two paths which is determined by which party enters which dungeon:

Furthermore, once either party completes Altar of Light or Altar of Darkness, the Energy Control Room will open. This dungeon should be cleared as necessary, as if left alone it will apply buffs to monsters and apply debuffs to players while in the other dungeons. Upon completion, the Energy Control Room will slowly regain health, becoming fully active again after 120 seconds.

Upon completion of Sanctuary of Light and Sanctuary of Darkness, Solium Machina: Lumen will open, but only for the Light Path party. After the Light Path party enters it, the Energy Repository will open for the Dark Path party. While this dungeon is uncleared, Luke in Solium Machina will be invincible, even during his damage phase. Upon clearing Energy Repository, Luke will take moderate damage during his damage phase and the dungeon will begin regenerating health, becoming fully active again after 150 seconds. Furthermore, the Energy Repository has a time limit of 150 seconds—if it is not cleared in time, then it will explode and the Light Path party that is currently fighting Luke must reset.

Upon clearing Solium Machina: Lumen, Solium Machina: Caligo will open, but only for the Dark Path party. After entering, the Energy Repository will become available to the Light Path party and functions as described previously. In order to finish this section of Phase 2, both Solium Machina dungeons must be cleared. At this point, the Raid will be completed.

In addition, twenty Life Token.png Life Tokens are shared across the entire Raid.


Upon completion of Phase 2, all players will receive two random rewards via card flips.

Solo Raid (Obsolete)

In late August 2018, Luke Solo Raid was introduced. The raid can only be completed as a single player, and the enemies and gimmicks are adjusted accordingly to be appropriate for a single player.

A player can create a Solo Raid Group by speaking to Nevillo Jurgen while in the Raid Channel. The Raid can then be initiated by speaking to Imperial Princess Isabella when the entrance requirements are fulfilled.

Solo Luke Raid counts toward the limit of 2 Luke raids per character per week, and 1 Luke raid per character per day.

Entrance Requirement

Solo Raid Adjustments

  • General monsters are all weakened to an appropriate difficulty for a solo run.
  • Mass-produced Becky: The "Catch me if you can!" pattern count is decreased from 8 to 4 directions.
  • Nightmarish Nerbe: Orb location is adjusted. Increased stats during Berserk mode are adjusted.
  • Oblivious Aslan: The conditions for activating the Magic Absorption pattern are adjusted.
  • High-reinforced Argos: Shadow and Light Lukebots do not distinguish Light and Dark elements.
  • Hatred Veil: Will only attack the player twice upon successfully grabbing them.
  • Light Idol Horus: Duration of "jewel prison" is decreased.
  • Wrecking Haboob: The fire prison is avoidable and temporary. There are fewer lava waterfalls, and the spawn less frequently. Haboob stays in the furnace longer when the giant slime is summoned. The giant slime swallows the player for a much shorter duration.
  • Hyperspeed Zakeline: Super Armor can be broken, and doing so will progress the battle to her next phase.
  • Red Clown: Only one clone and one pentacle are summoned, and the required duration for their overlap is decreased.
  • Moonlight Walker Yashin: Increased stats during Berserk mode are adjusted.
  • Constructor Luke: Lumen: Skill-sealing duration and count are decreased. Number of hits required to destroy energy barrier is decreased. Light Energy regen time is increased.
  • Constructor Luke: Caligo: Seals skills instead of actions. Number of hits required to destroy energy barrier is decreased. Dark Energy regen time is increased.


Different dungeons are encountered for the first and second raid of the week:


Hard Mode (Obsolete)

  • In October 2018, Hard Mode was introduced as a far more difficult version of Luke Raid. While the entrance requirements and dungeon mechanics remain the same, but there are a lot of changes that are implemented to make the raid challenging.

Hard Mode Adjustments

  • General monsters (Mobs/Named/Bosses) now have higher stats.
  • Each dungeon wields different patterns.
  • A stricter Life Token.png Life Token limit is applied. (Phase 1: 4 | Phase 2: 8)
  • Cannot be entered if you've cleared Luke Solo or gotten the Phase 1 Reward from Normal Group Raid until daily reset.
  • Hard Mode counts toward the limit of 2 Luke Raids per character per week, and 1 Luke Raid per character per day.
  • Black and White Protection.png Black and White Protection will now be compensated if the Raid failed on either phase due to the Character Reboot patch.

Phase 1

  • Sanctuary of Birth:
    • Birth-stimulating Energy is cast on a random party member. If this player approaches Named/Boss monsters, they will temporarily become invincible and regains HP. It'll then move onto another player after a while.
  • Sanctuary of Destruction:
    • Destruction Marks appear on two random party members throughout the entire dungeon.
    • The marks have a three second countdown where the lava drops onto randomly targeted players, creating a puddle around them that inflicts Burn (Status).png Burn (Status).
  • Sanctuary of Dispersion:
    • Buffon's radars appear in all of the maps.
    • One of Buffon's radars will randomly follow a party member.
    • The additional radars are paused while Buffon is on a rampage.

Phase 2

  • Light Path:
    • Luke's light pours onto the Named/Boss monsters and pushes back party members within range.
    • After a while, the light spreads causing Blind (Status).png Blind (Status).
  • Dark Path:
    • A Black Hole appears in a random location during Named/Boss monster rooms, consistently pulling in players.
    • Being dragged into it will cause a Curse (Status).png Curse (Status).


  • Phases 1 & 2 cards will continue to yield 100 Undaunted Determination.png Undaunted Determinations along with the rewards from Normal Group Raid.
    • Twilight Crystal.png Twilight Crystals will be rewarded which can be used to purchase account-bound Monolium.png Monoliums & Dark Source.png Dark Sources. Keep in mind that the amount of crystals that's generated will decrease if you're running more than one Hard Mode raid.


Luke (Normal)

Dungeon Name Level
Sanctuary of Birth.png Sanctuary of Birth 86-110
Sanctuary of Destruction.png Sanctuary of Destruction 86-110
Sanctuary of Dispersion.png Sanctuary of Dispersion 86-110
Altar of Light.png Altar of Light 88-110
Altar of Darkness.png Altar of Darkness 88-110
Solium Machina.png Solium Machina 88-110

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