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Beast Dungeon

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The Beast Dungeon
Beast Dungeon Loading Screen.png
Location Metro Center
Min. Level 90
Level 90
Monster Level 120
End Boss No Icon.png Mad Anne
No Icon.png Hiero

Beast Dungeon is a restricted research area located at the, Valley of the Half-breeds in Metro Center. It can only be accessed by players who are at least Level 90 and have completed the Level 90 Side Quest Side Quest Icon.png [Beast Dungeon] Catherine the Beast Researcher. The dungeon plays similarly to a Raid-style format, but is accessible any day of the week. Players, who participate and defeat the specified boss monsters, receive materials that can be exchanged for Level 90 Epic Accessory Recipes.

As of Season 6: Act.1, Beast Dungeon can now be entered through normal channels after it's exclusive ones were removed during this update.


Valley of the Half-breeds
1 Map E.png Map Boss.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:



  • In this dungeon, you will encounter two powerful beasts in succession, No Icon.png Mad Anne and No Icon.png Hiero, that roam Pandemonium. This Dungeon can be entered in a party of 1-4. It is open every day, with a maximum of 6 entries per week (rewards can only be obtained 4 times per week).
  • There are three difficulties for the Beast Dungeon: King, Slayer, Beast.
    • Monster's HP, Defense and Atk will increase based on the difficulty. (Beast is the highest difficulty.)
  • It can be entered up to 3 times per day but rewards can only be obtained twice per day.
    • It can be entered up to 3 times regardless of the difficulty.
    • Rewards can be obtained twice per boss.
    • If you fail to kill Hiero after killing Anne, you will only receive rewards for Anne.
  • Hiero appears after Anne is defeated.
    • When Anne is defeated, she will start fighting against Hiero. Hiero can be attacked during this time.
    • Hiero will take up to 15% of his maximum HP as damage during this time.

Entry Information

  • Required Character Level: 90
    • Clear the Catherine the Beast Researcher quest to enter the Beast Dungeon channel.
  • Dungeon Monster Level: 120
  • Required Entry Material: Beast Investigation Request.png Beast Investigation Request
  • Fatigue Cost: 10 upon entry
  • Required Exorcism:
    • King - 4826
    • Slayer - 4877
    • The Beast - 4950
  • Life Token Limit: 4 per character
  • Party: 1 - 4 players


  • Resurrection character skills are restricted from use.
    • Mage (M), Crusader (F), and Knight
  • The same item restriction rules used by the former Luke Raid are applied.
  • Puppet items are restricted from use.
  • The Burning effect is not applied.
  • Gabriel's Shop does not appear.


  • Upon defeating a Beast boss monster, players will be rewarded with a set amount of New Species Trace.png New Species Traces and Pioneer's Token.png Pioneer's Tokens. If only Anne is defeated, only half of the full reward is given.
Difficulty Rewards (per Dungeon Clear)
King 12 Pioneer's Token.png Pioneer's Token
8 New Species Trace.png New Species Trace
Slayer 22 Pioneer's Token.png Pioneer's Token
18 New Species Trace.png New Species Trace
Beast 34 Pioneer's Token.png Pioneer's Token
24 New Species Trace.png New Species Trace
  • Only the surviving characters at the time of reward distribution can receive a reward.
    • If the beast dies while you are on a 10 second death timer, you will receive the reward as long as you have Life Token limit remaining.
  • It is important to note that these rewards can be obtained twice every selected Raid day.
  • These materials can be exchanged with NPC Catherine for items and recipes for the Bhairava's Heir Set and Aspect: Trine Set.