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'Gaebolg' Project

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These blueprints means the salvation of Empyrean. He who is able to re-create this device will be able to fulfill that for which the Seven Great Machinists sacrificed their lives. One day, these plans will come into the hands of one who is ready. It is then that a new Machinist will be born.
The 'Gaebolg' Project in development.


At that time when Bakal had ruled over Empyrean, all magical knowledge of the Empyrean was burned because of the Magical Prohibition.
To counter Bakal's tyranny, Empyrean began to develop a new kind of power, "science", and the mechanical civilization was born. Bakal, who did not understand its power, allowed the development of mechanical science, and the mechanical civilization soon reached its peak. In order to fight against Bakal, seven talented mechanics known as the "Seven Great Machinists of Empyrean" secretly developed a giant weapon for the decisive battle called "codename: Gaebolg".
Teneb, one of the Seven Great Machinists, "betrayed" the others and told Bakal about the plan. Under Bakal's suppression, the other Seven Machinists either died or disappeared, and only Curio survived with the information. In order to not allow the development of 'Gaebolg' to fall into the hands of Bakal or other ill-mannered individuals, Curio used a dimensional shifting device to transfer the data and remaining parts of the 'Gaebolg' to another dimension.
Although Curio eventually failed to escape the poisonous clutches of Bakal, it is said that he left the blueprints of the dimensional transference device for future generations.


The Mechanical Revolution


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