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Ghent, City of God

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Ghent, City of God
Ghent Screen.png
Location Empyrean
Level Requirement Level 63
NPCs Marlene Kitzka, Sandstorm Varracht, Melvin Richter, Zeldine Schneider
Areas Antwer Canyon
Bahn Hafen

Ghent, City of God, is the capital city of Empyrean, and is one of the few locations not yet taken over by the Kartels. Ghent is the imperial army's last base of operations before the Kartels' outposts, serving as the entrance to Antwer Canyon. Players can travel to Ghent by Marlene Kitzka's Magatha, after completing the necessary epic quest at level 63.


Protected by 2 surrounding walls impressed upon an impenetrable fortress situated between the Antwer Canyon, Ghent is the capital city of Empyrean, where Empyrean Princess Erje lives.

Ghent was a base for the 7 Leaders of Resistance during the period when Bakal overtook Empyrean, but after the defeat of Bakal, the city was chosen as Empyrean's capital city, reborn with peace and prosperity. The citizens of Ghent showed endless support of developing scientific civilization. With respect to the ever-growing scientific awareness that some suspect may mimic the ability of God, they started calling Ghent the “City of God”.

After a long period of suffering under Bakal's tyranny, the people of Ghent have built up a bustling culture and establishment, a symbol of freedom from Bakal's oppression.

The contemporary Kartel, a spontaneously formed group of Western Lawless District vagrants, began attacking Ghent and eventually kidnapped their princess Erje. After the unforeseen break down of the power station that provided power to Ghent, the people of Ghent must now face their destiny without the aid of their beloved scientific technology.

Map of Ghent


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Marlene Kitzka Marlene Kitzka Accessories Merchant (lv 40~45), Chief Court Lady Market Street
Sandstorm Varracht Sandstorm Varracht Weapons Merchant (lv 40~45), Former Kartel Member Market Street
Melvin Richter Melvin Richter Scientist Ghent Manufacturing District
Zeldine Schneider Zeldine Schneider Armor Merchant (lv 40~45), Imperial City Chief Guard Ghent Manufacturing District

Antwer Canyon

Antwer Canyon is a dungeon area in Ghent. Players must be level 63 to enter this area. Theese dungeons span from level 63 to level 70.

Ghent Outskirts.png
South Ghent Gate.png
East Ghent Gate.png
North Ghent Gate.png
Ghent Battlefield.png
Midnight Assault.png
Kartel Supply Camp.png
Final Pursuit.png
Mt.Hardt Showdown.png
Antwer Canyon Locations.png