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Sandstorm Varracht

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SandstormIcon.png Sandstorm Varracht
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Affiliation Kartel (Former)
Occupation Kartel Desperado (Retired)
Wandering Mercenary
Alias Sandstorm
Mr. Brown
Location Ghent Market Street
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A
Do you have a dream?

Sandstorm Varracht is a legendary desperado, his bravery and wild gun-slinging ways have made him a living legend in the lawless district. Sandstorm was once a loyal member of the Kartel, but only when they were a rogue band of free souls, where it was each man for himself, stealing only what they couldn't afford, and taking only what they could give back. But when the Kartels began to militarize, organizing their ranks, he left vowing that he answered to no man’s rule. This Desperado has settled near the Market Street of Ghent, awaiting the day when the Kartels return to what they once were: a lawless band of miscreants.Although old, he still assists you in dungeons such as Midnight Assault and Shrouded Heiz. As you venture through the Time Gate, you face his past as a young skilled ranger as he was an important member in the Kartel Organization.


Character Biography:

"I miss the smell of the dust in the Lawless District."

Male. Age 60 (Estimated).
A Desperado who's still a legend in the Lawless District.

Back in the day, he was famous for his hot temper and gun-shooting prowess.
He was a member of the early Kartel, which was considered the embodiment of the romance of free spirits at that time, but the group of carefree outlaws slowly turned into a military regiment.
Varracht couldn't accept that, so he left and wandered the world for a long time.
Quick-witted and magnanimous, he values romance and freedom more than anything.
He was pretty rough as a young man, but as he grew older and wiser, he's become a sensible gentleman.
Currently, he's staying in a corner of the Ghent Market, and wishes that Kartel would go back to being a group of outlaws pursuing freedom and romance.
He thinks of Zeldine Schneider, the captain of the Ghent Garrison, as a girl who acts like a man, even though he acknowledges her decisiveness, leadership, and strength.


  • Quest-giver.
  • Sells Lv. 50 - 55 common and uncommon weapons.




Item Level Binding Cost
Makeshift Snake Coils.png Makeshift Snake Coils 65 45,500 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Old Ed Harley 58,500 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Makeshift Mileon 45,500 Goldicon.png Gold
Old Ladhemor.png Old Ladhemor 65 52,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Makeshift Alton Back Sword 45,500 Goldicon.png Gold
Old Marki.png Old Marki 70 49,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Discolored Hit Solar Sabre 63,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Secondhand Par Hammer 49,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Discolored Red Stone Sword.png Discolored Red Stone Sword 70 56,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Rusty Cutlass.png Rusty Cutlass 70 49,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Snake Coils 65,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Ed Harley 78,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Mileon 65,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Ladhemor.png Ladhemor 65 78,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Alton Back Sword.png Alton Back Sword 65 65,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Marki 70,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Hit Solar Sabre 84,000 Goldicon.png Gold
No Icon.png Par Hammer 70,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Red Stone Sword.png Red Stone Sword 70 84,000 Goldicon.png Gold
Cutlass.png Cutlass 70 70,000 Goldicon.png Gold


Request Chat (Origin)

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Verrickt.png Chat

Do you have a dream? Did you sacrifice another dream for it? You have only one chance at living, but you're given enough time
to make mistakes and make up for the mistakes.

Youngsters look forward to their futures, while old geezers like I tend to reflect on the past.
But smart people look forward and back. Which type are you? To me you look like... Hah hah, I'll let you guess.

The Kartel wasn't the ragtag of misfits they are now. It started as a group of radiant spirits that wanted to make a difference in the world.
Over time, they were replaced by selfish knuckleheads. The Kartel you know now isn't the Kartel I devoted my youth to. The group of today has nothing to do with me now.

(After clearing Hidden Quest Icon.png Save Jackter the Eagle Eye)

Did you take the princess someplace safe? Good, I'd hate to see an innocent girl die.
By the way, the air in Ghent is getting stuffy. I don't like watching the nobles act as if they own this whole country. It nauseates me.

(After clearing Hidden Quest Icon.png Save Jackter the Eagle Eye)

Bentinck? He was captured again. He was running wild until he got caught by Zeldine and dragged back to prison. The sullen look on his face was priceless. Hah hah hah!
So many prisoners escaped this time. It'll be difficult to capture all of them, and I'm worried what kind of damage they might do before they're captured.

(After clearing Hidden Quest Icon.png Save Jackter the Eagle Eye)

Do the jerks in Ghent hate the people of the Lawless District so much? They insisted they all were the members of Empyrean when Anton showed up. Did they forget that already?
Those fools. The nobles dangle a carrot in front of them, and they can't see anything else. I can't believe I risked myself to protect them.

(After clearing Hidden Quest Icon.png Save Jackter the Eagle Eye)

I think I just saw a familiar face. Or did I imagine it?
This place has heavy traffic. I wouldn't be surprised if I see one or two familiar faces, but that one didn't look like it belonged here. Hm, I don't know...

(After clearing Epic Quest Icon.png The Fate of Empyrean)

The atmosphere in Ghent is quite murky. It's hard to believe that the city was filled with people and laughter not too long ago.
But who would want to laugh when their princess was banished and their general was imprisoned overnight? In that sense, this stiff, gloomy atmosphere is natural.
This city used to be the exact opposite of the Lawless District, and seeing it in a bleaker state than the District makes me feel bitter.

(After clearing Epic Quest Icon.png The Fate of Empyrean)

How's Her Highness doing?
I'm not the one who wants to know. It's the Escaped Prisoner who's asking. He's been pestering me to do things for him since he can't do them on his own.
He's safe, of course. I don't know what he's trying to do, but he's preparing something.
For now, I'm going to help him. I'm already in too deep to get out now, anyway. Hah hah hah.

(Post-Pandemonium War)

Everyone in the Lawless District is well aware of the notoriety of the Sea of Storms. Countless engineers died during the construction of the Oceanic Express across that sea.
If anyone's talking about the latest storm, that's because they know people die every time a storm hits the sea.

(Post-Empyrean Civil War)

Ghent is changing. I'm not just talking about its scenery; I'm also talking about the people.
I might be disappointed later, but maybe this empress can change the Lawless District as well.

(Post-Empyrean Civil War)

He... Did he go peacefully?
... Good. That coward, he ran away before we could have a match, like we said we would after the war.
But I'm sure he's in a better place now. I hope he's finally able to fly freely now.

(Post-Empyrean Civil War)

Hah hah. That little girl, she was brilliant, descending on a dragon like that.
Wait, I'd better address her as Her Majesty now. Hah hah.




Voice Lines

Situation Dialogue

I miss the smell of the Lawless District.

I remember when the Kartels were once worthy of repraise.

Kids these days don't know the first thing about passion.

Hah, I fear nothing! I'm always up for a good fight.

Conversation Start

I guess I'm a legend still.

What are those good for nothing Kartels up to now?

What is it, maggot?

You recognized me.

Conversation End

Never lose your passion.

Good luck to you.

Though others are claimed by enemy fire, you shall not fall.

I see great potential in you.

Request Chat (Pre-Great Metastasis)

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Verrickt.png Chat

Yeah, people call me Sandstorm.
You seem like you've got some nerve. Want to play Russian Roulette with me?

The Kartels...
In the old days, the Kartels were a group recognized for its free-thinking, intelligent youths, who gathered and dreamed about changing this ugly, unjust world.
Knew a lot of great guys in the Kartels back then. We thought the Kartels were a gift from God, given to us so we could change the world.
My friends sacrificed their lives to build the Kartels. Now I'm the only one left.
Somehow, it got out of hand. Our small group became militarized, and twisted. It morphed into a large army interested only in expanding its own power.
That's when I left. I've never regretted that choice. It wasn't the same organization that I'd joined so many years ago. Kartels or not, I won't allow my life to by run by other people.

The Kartels are acting like a bunch of reckless criminals.
And, it's gotten worse after that arrogant Gizel joined them.
They need to be completely eliminated.

I've experienced all types of craziness in my travels.
It's amazing I'm still alive. Ha!

Am I a legend? *chuckle* Yeah, I'm aware of my nickname.
Here's the thing: I may have done some stuff while other so-called warriors stood on the side soiling their pants.
Gotta do what you gotta do, right? But then, those guys turn around and talk about me like I'm some kind of hero.
Fame's not that hard to get.\nIf fame is what you're after, why don't you rush that Kartels base over there? That'll spread your name around.
Hahaha. Seriously, though. You should do it. Don't waste your youth.
Never forget that life offers all sorts of possibilities.

I know the Chief Guard, Zeldine Schneider, isn't all that fond of me.
She probably treats you the same way, acting all tough and giving you the cold shoulder. I can't hold a grudge against her, though, knowing the situation she's stuck with.
I guess I should be happy that I don't have that kind of responsibility resting on my shoulders. Not sayin' everyone should stop accepting responsibilities or anything.
Hey, I never claimed that my lifestyle was ideal.

(If Player has Frustration Penalty)

Whoa, you're still alive!
Don't waste time tending your wounds and recovering. Recklessness is a virtue for youths.
Jump back into the fray now. Don't worry, your mind should still be sharp, even if your body's a bit weaker than usual.

(If Player fails Town Invasion)

I heard something happened in the Underworld. You can't just ignore that now, can you?
Young people these days are so selfish.



As an Enemy

No icon available
Sandstorm Varracht

A young Varracht appears as a boss in Organization! The Kartel.


  • No dungeon found where the monster appears in.


Summons a sand cloud that will damage the player caught in it. Will summon a whirlwind that will damage the player caught in it.