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Roy the Burning Pen

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RoyIcon.png Roy the Burning Pen
Age 84 (body is in 20s)
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Grim Seeker
Alias N/A
Location Zelva: Grim Seeker camp

Roy Hartwig, the Burning Pen, is a Grim Seeker. He is located in the Grim Seeker camp in Zelva.


Roy Hartwig is from the Industrial Area and received a lot of fame for his robotic creations when he was young. He is a friend of Meryl and has a big crush on her. He tried to court Meryl numerous times but his affection was never returned.

When Meryl suddenly disappeared, he became depressed and left towards the Lawless District in the West. After wandering for awhile, he found himself in Arad and met Azalea, the leader of the Grim Seekers. Not having any real interest at first, Roy was suddenly inspired by the stories that Azalea told and he became part of the Grim Seekers.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Roy actually came to Arad before the road to Empyrean opened. Some sort of miracle happened that allowed him to travel to Arad but he never thought much of it and never boasted about it either.

He returned to Empyrean during the war and was rescued by Chain Peace from a near fatal end. He stayed and helped them for a short time before returning to Azalea at the Tower of Despair. As Anton fell, he returned once again to Empyrean this time with Azalea. He wanted to meet up with Chain Peace again but heard they have been annihilated soon after he left. Roy was deeply saddened by this news.

He is now in his 80’s but due to the effects of the Tower of Despair, he still looks like a young man in his 20’s. The title “Burning Pen” was given to him by a friend as a joke since he never stops writing down any information he deems important. Although, his title started as a joke, he grew fond of it and continues to use it to this day.



Request Chat

  • I'm sleepy, but it's not my bedtime just yet. I have to write down all my ideas in my notebook. Good researchers keep a good daily routine and meticulous records of even the most insignificant ideas. You should do that too.
Then again, you're an adventurer, not a researcher.
  • You didn't just peek at my notebook, did you? It contains some very important information, so you'd better not try to look.
Well, even if you do, you won't be able to understand what's written in it.
  • Wow...
Beautiful... I've never seen such an artistic engine design...


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