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LorianneIcon.png Lorianne
Age 18
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Merchant
Alias N/A
Location West Coast

Lorianne Cornaro was a merchant in West Coast. She was the only daughter of the Cornaro family. She stayed in West Coast to avoid the suffocating life of a noble. She took along her pet dragon Denkas everywhere she went. Despite her appearance as a vain, narcissistic airhead, she was a very talented magician and has earned the highest honors from Sharan's Magic Academy. However, she only uses her talents for fun.

Since the Great Metastasis, Lorianne is nowhere to be seen. She was transported to Pandemonium where she was saved by Apostle Hilder, and she settled in Central Park taking on the alias, the Red Witch.

In Mirror Arad, her abandoned headband and Denkas's skeleton can be found in the Chessboard of Despair.


Request Chat

  • Who? But she's not as pretty as I am!
  • Why are you staring at me? Do you like how I look? Of course, there shouldn't be any other reason.
Um, why are you making that face? Do you have heartburn or something?
Ho ho, I'm Lorianne. I sell pretty handmade accessories. Feel free to look at them.
Or come look at me, like everyone else does. Ho ho ho!
  • You don't think you've seen me before? How can you not remember seeing such a beautiful girl?!
  • What's this hatchling next to me? Oh, he's Denkas, my pet. He's a puppy, and I turned him into a dragon hatchling with my magic.
Believe it or not, I graduated from the School of Magic near the top of my class. I can turn into a hatchling too, if you want.
  • I had a dream that I liked Albert. *Shudder*
  • Are you mesmerized by my beauty?
Being beautiful is not a sin. Ho ho ho!


  • I have everything... Except the things I don't.
  • *Denkas whines*
  • *Denkas growls*

Conversation start

  • Oh, hello. Welcome.
  • Are you entranced by my beauty?
  • Beauty isn't a sin, is it?

Conversation end

  • Come again. Any time.
  • May the grace of Venuce be with you.


  • Lorianne's name was originally spelt "Lorian Cornaro" by developers, but in the NA version, her name was changed to its present form.