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Princess Hyria

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HyriaIcon.png First Princess Hyria
Princess Hyria.png
Age 25
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation De Los Empire
Occupation First Princess of De Los
Alias Hyria Vitalon Heinrich De Los
Location West Coast - Central Barracks

First Princess Hyria is one of the many tertiary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online and the first princess of the De Los Empire.

A renown socialite and expert diplomat, Hyria serves as Emperor Leon's envoy for international affairs. Due to recent Grim Seeker activity in the Abyssal Sky Tower, Hyria was sent as a diplomat to the Principality of Bel Myre on the Emperor's behalf.


Character Biography:

"The Empire's doors are always open for you, Adventurer."

Female. Age 25.
The first princess of the De Los Empire. Her full name is Hyria Vitalon Heinrich De Los.

Born to Emperor Leon and his favorite concubine Mary, she's the first princess and eldest of the Emperor's children. The spitting image of her father, she was his favorite child since she was young.
She doesn't seem as lively as her younger sister, Isabella, but she's more elegant and emotionally stronger.
At the age of nineteen, she wed the son of a powerful noble family of her country through an arranged marriage, and has been single since her husband died.
After she came of age, she's traveled to many different places to familiarize herself with various cultures and get acquainted with powerful people around the world.
She's interested in international relations and the balance of power. Her father understands this, so he often sends her to represent him in official diplomatic settings.
A great socialite and a talented diplomat, she's acting as the face of the Empire.



Request Chat

West Coast - Central Barracks

Relationship Image Operation Dialogue
Normal Princess Hyria.png Chat

Skardi Valour Myre. Skardi Valour Myre.
The daughter of a merchant who rose to the rank of empress, right? She's so impressive.
On the outside, she's a benevolent leader, but I can't imagine how much blood she must have shed to reach where she is now. Hm...

I've been taking care of things for my country and my family.
I've worked for the trust of my father-excuse me, His Majesty-that he's given me.
But sometimes even his trust is not enough. The Nobility, being the rotten conservative lot that it is, seems to prefer my brother Frantz over me.
It doesn't like me simply because my mother is not the Empress Consort, even though I am the first child of His Majesty.
But it shouldn't be so open about that. I can hold a grudge like no one else.

Everything's going as planned. Soon, I'll be able to return with a present for His Majesty.
If you could come with me, that would be better.
Ho ho. You look good, even when you glare like that.
You don't have to make up your mind right away. I, Hyria Vitalon Heinrich De Los, will always be ready for you.

(Post-Sirocco's Resurrection)

That's Apostle Sirocco? What Sir Walshuted told me doesn't do her justice.
Oh, it's nothing. I'm just intrigued by her.
It's nothing to concern yourself with. Now, if you'll excuse me... Ho ho.




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