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Abysmal Sky Tower

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Abysmal Sky Tower
Location Arad - West Coast
Level Requirement 100
NPCs Aganzo, Grandis, Shinjang, Robato, Oberith, Teida
Areas The Oculus: The Sanctum of Resurrection
Sirocco the Intangible Raid

Abysmal Sky Tower is a hub area in Dungeon Fighter Online where the very same Sky Tower that Level 17 players once explored, has now been taken over by the Grim Seekers faction to bring forth resurrecting Apostle Sirocco.

When reaching Level 100, the West Coast Alliance Camp is accessed along with dungeons that takes place inside their exclusive channels.


Abysmal Sky Tower Screen.png


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Zanbato Aganzo Legendary Grand Master
Sirocco Raid prepartions
West Coast Docks (Raid Channel Only)
Shinjang Archpriest
Creates groups for Sirocco Raid
West Coast Alliance Camp (Raid Channel Only)
Grandis Gracia Archpriestess
Sirocco Raid Merchant
West Coast Alliance Camp (Raid Channel Only)
Oberith Rosenbach Archpriestess
Creates groups for Oculus: Abysmal Sanctum
West Coast Alliance Camp Left Side (Oculus Channel Only)
Teida Beonarr Archpriest
The Oculus: Abysmal Sanctum group preparation
West Coast Alliance Camp Left Side (Oculus Channel Only)
Knight Robato Female Slayer Trainer
The Oculus Merchant
Sirocco Challenge Mode
West Coast Alliance Camp