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Teida Beonarr

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Teida Beonarr
Teida Beonarr.png
Age 30
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Order of Priests
Occupation Monk
Alias N/A
Location Hendon Myre
Lemidia Basilica

Teida Beonarr is a descendant of Wolfgand Beonarr and member of the Order of Priests. He is an upholder of "absolute justice" and believes that all Imposters should be eradicated regardless of their humanity.


Character Biography:

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth..."

Male. Age 30.
An inhumanely strong Monk rumored to have crushed rock with a single swing of his fist.

One of the Four Archpriests, and a descendant of Wolfgand Beonarr of the Holy Five.
Because he looks and sounds tough, people are easily intimidated by him.
He can't seem to hide his desire to annihilate Imposters, and this has put him at odds with Oberith.

"All evil should be punished without hesitation. Even if it's your own family."
   —— Teida, to Oberith



  • Involved in some Scenario Quests.


Request Chat

  • I'd rather die fighting in the name of God than live in shame, tainted by evil.
  • Got business with me? Then, come closer instead of staring at me from so far away.
  • I haven't fought Imposters for so long that I feel kind of rusty.
I wish there was someone within the Order I could spar with. That'd help me keep my skill sharp.
  • (Monk Only) Come brother, who walk the same path. I've been waiting for you. Do you still have strong faith in divine punishment? To tell you the truth, I am having doubts recently.
I understand his intention of bringing together the brothers in his name but it may just be his last act as the archbishop.
I am sure you understand what you mean. In this time of chaos, we must stay strong.
Train your mind and soul so that you will have no hesitation when eliminating the evil around you.
  • (Monk Only) "Rise above adversity and shine light into darkness." This is my favorite phrase in the Book of Demorin.
I repeat it in my head to grow strong in my faith while carrying out His punishments.
  • (Inquisitor Only) Sister, are you coming back from a death row or something? You are looking very grim.
Know that the fear is also a tool of god. He controls the wrong with fear. Recently, people with malicious intent are entering the church and the believers are feeling very anxious.
However, even if they get close, I believe the sisters will not be influenced by them. Hey, keep your head up! Those who follow the will of the divine must stay strong.
  • (Mistress Only) Sister, is that a scar?
I've heard that those who were rescued from the black church were marked and some of them have scars to cover those marks.
The evil, and the power that stops it... it's tough walking on a line between the good and evil.
Sister, I hope you do not end up on the wrong side. Let there be paradise at the end of your path.

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • A terribly wicked wind is blowing from the other side of the ocean. I wouldn't be surprised if the demons sealed on the Dark Side had returned. Can you feel it, too?
  • Evil runs more rampant as the world grows more chaotic. In times like this, we must stay sharp and never stop moving forward, lest our frail souls fall victims to the sweet temptations that prevail everywhere.

Request Chat (West Coast Alliance Camp, Central Barracks)

  • The ones behind that wicked wind blowing across the sea has been revealed. The Grim Seekers. Those agents of evil managed to fool us so far, but not anymore. No more hesitation. It's time we carry out justice in the name of God.
  • The brothers who have been exposed to that wicked Apostle's energies are in excruciating pain. They're wailing with pain and calling for God. I was so worried about them that I even went to see His Exellency. He said something more terrible was happening... *Sigh* Some of them are showing the signs of becoming Imposters. They're losing faith, their souls having been swallowed by the Apostle's energy. I truly wish that they overcome this trial and come back to God. If they don't, then... I'll have no choice but to take care of them myself.



Teida Beonarr Full body.jpg


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  • Teida's name is derived from Téide of Irish origins as a unisex name meaning either Great, King or Red.
  • His surname Beonarr could likely be a mispelling of Bernhard or the Old English reflex Beornheard from West Germanic and French origins meaning Brave as a bear, befitting to his character.
  • An unique battle axe is named after him.


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