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Category:Sky Tower dungeons

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Sky Tower
Sky Tower Map.png
Location West Coast
Min. Level 17
Level 17-23
Monster Level 19-25
End Boss Icon-Light Castellan Sieghart.png Light Castellan Sieghart
Loading Screen of Sky Tower

Sky Tower is the dungeon area that follows Grand Flores in progression. Its entrance can be found on the far eastern edges of West Coast. Sky Tower is restricted to players level 17 and higher.


Sky Tower was a tower that reaches from the surface of Arad to the Middle Ocean and thereby to Empyrean. It was created by the inhabitants of Empyrean over a thousand years ago. When the evil dragon Bakal cut off communication between Empyrean and Arad, Sky Tower disappeared without a trace. It eventually reappeared for reasons unknown.

In Mirror Arad, the Sky Tower had since been destroyed by the Great Metastasis, with its remains still floating in the sky and is now known as the Inverted Waterfall.


These are the dungeons that are in the Sky Tower.

Dungeon Name Level
DragonoidNest.png Dragonoid Nest 17-20
PuppetMuseum.png Puppet Museum 19-21
GolemTower.png Golem Tower 20-22
VestibuleOfDarkness.png Vestibule of Darkness 21-23
FloatingCastle.png Floating Castle 22-24
CastellansChamber.png Castellan's Chamber 23-25

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