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Age 18
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Order of Priests
Occupation Exorcist, Archpriest
Alias N/A
Location Kulundal, Lemidia Basilica

Shinjang is a descendant of Sin-Ya and member of the Order of Priests. He serves as the high priest of Suju and an escort for the Suju Queen Shonan Aska.


Character Biography:

"I'd be too busy again today to play with the Red Phoenix."

Male. Age 18.
A talented Exorcist who became the Archpriest of Suju at a young age.

One of the Four Archpriests, and a descendant of Sinya of the Holy Five.
Born with a tremendous amount of spiritual power, he excels at detecting Imposters.
He's usually cheerful and magnanimous.
He carries a giant rosary as if it weighs nothing, and is never seen without his shikigami Red Phoenix.

"Oh, this town looks serious. I guess I won't have time to play with Red Phoenix today."
   —— Shinjang



  • Handles the Sirocco Raid Shop.
  • Can create a Group Raid only inside that channel.


Request Chat (Kulundal)

  • Exorcists? Most are probably training in the mountains or temples. I am the high priest and even I don't get to see them often.
(Exorcist Only) Actually, an exorcist like you who wander around everywhere are much rarer to see.
  • How's the king? It feels like yesterday that young one was being crowned the king.
  • Oh, how long has it been since I set foot on the land of Suju? Ah, the scenery of Mt. Kulun never ceases to amaze me!

Request Chat (Lemidia Basilica)

  • The Archbishop is looking for me. Err, where is he going to send me this time?
I don't like being cooped up in one place, but sometimes I need a rest, just like everyone else.
  • Mm...
Huh? What am I thinking about? I just thought that I sensed Imposters somewhere around here-that way!
  • All shikigamis are difficult to handle, but not as difficult as this red phoenix here.
  • If you happen to go to Shonan, watch your manners. Even a drunkard on the street might reveal himself to be a well-trained warrior when the occasion arises.

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • Since that storm showed up, I've been feeling smothered by its ominous energy. I can't even sleep at night because I keep hearing things that don't exist. Gah, being spiritually sensitive is a curse.


ShinJang.gif ShinJangSummer.gif RedPhoenixSummer.gif ShinJangHalloween.gif ShinJangLunarYear.gif


  • In foreign versions, his name is Sin-Jang, addressed as (信丈) in the Korean Version and (信奘) in the Chinese Version. 信 meaning "trust/faith" and 奘 meaning "big/strong".


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