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Shonan Aska

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AskaIcon.png Shonan Aska
Shonan Aska.png
Age 17
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation Suju
Occupation Female Nen Master
Queen of Shonan
Merchant (Formerly)
Alias N/A
Location City of Shonan
West Coast Alliance Camp
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Shonan Aska is the Queen of Shonan, and was a merchant for the Dragon Tournament.

Aska, born of the Suju royal family, was a prodigy in the art of combat. She joined the ranks of Nen Masters at a young age. But knowing she could never improve within the safety of the palace, Aska traveled far to find worthy opponents. This was when her ill-fated relationship with Faris, which became so infamous, occurred. Aska did not return to Shonan until she learned of the passing of the king. She met resistance because she'd been away for so long, but she eventually won the throne. She knew from her travels that if her nation did not open their doors, they would stifle their own growth, so she lifted the iron curtain that had been in place for hundreds of years. To win her people’s support for this action, she opened the Grand Arena Competition, to show her country the combat that other nations could teach them.

During the Season 6 quest-line involving the Grim Seekers resurrecting Sirocco, she would come to Bel Myre as part of the West Coast Alliance Camp. Sometime after the Apostle's defeat, Aska returns to Suju.


  • (Formerly) Sells Various items, in return for specific items obtained from the Suju Tournament Field, now being handled by Woo.


Item Level Binding Cost
Glowing Magatama.png Glowing Magatama 1 2 Flamboyant Magatama.png Flamboyant Magatama
Flamboyant Magatama.png Flamboyant Magatama 1 2 Glowing Magatama.png Glowing Magatama
No Icon.png Yellow Dragon's Red Bijou Bead 10 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
No Icon.png Yellow Dragon's Blue Bijou Bead 10 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
No Icon.png Yellow Dragon's White Bijou Bead 30 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
No Icon.png Blue Dragon's Red Bijou Bead 50 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama
No Icon.png Blue Dragon's Blue Bijou Bead 50 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama
No Icon.png Blue Dragon's Black Bijou Bead 40 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama
No Icon.png Yellow Dragon Pattern Necklace 70 Untradable 50 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
No Icon.png Yellow Dragon Motif Bracelet 50 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
No Icon.png Yellow Dragon Motif Ring 50 Purple Magatama.png Purple Magatama
No Icon.png Blue Dragon Cape 80 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama
No Icon.png Blue Dragon Orb 80 Golden Magatama.png Golden Magatama


Request Chat

  • Nice to meet you. I'm Shonan Aska, queen of Suju. I once traveled around Arad to learn new fighting skills, and meeting travelers like you brings me good memories. I hope you'll enjoy your stay in Suju. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.
  • I see your eyes glowing with a purpose. Did you come to join the Arena Competition? Then enter through the Gates of the Iron Men. I'll look forward to watching your matches.
  • The Nen energy in the air is unstable. Some nefarious energy is interfering with the great flow of nature. Stay vigilant, Dungeon Fighter.

Request Chat (Post-Pandemonium War)

  • The people of Suju are terrified of that massive storm in the sky. As their leader, I can't overlook this situation, so I organized an investigation group with Suju Exorcists and asked them to investigate the ominous phenomenon. I've also assembled an army and contacted renowned martial artists of Suju, in case I need their help. Everyone's been following my lead without question. I'm happy for that, but also I'm worried that this situation might cost me my people.
  • Since we opened our country to the outside world, we've interacted with many countries. There are some friendly countries-the Principality of Bel Myre on the other side of the Red Forest and Ryeo across the ocean, for example-while there are others in a state of ambivalence, such as the De Los Empire. But now that the continent is being threatened, all the countries must put aside their feelings and join forces together against our common enemy.

Request Chat (West Coast Alliance Camp)

  • We're in great peril. We must join our forces like our ancestors did five hundred years ago to fight in the Dark Side.
  • When I decided to come to Bel Myre in person with the Suju Exorcists, many of my courtiers objected. Of course, I knew the risks, and what could happen afterward in case something bad happened to me. But as the leader of my country, I couldn't just send my people to a foreign country and stay inside my palace in comfort. When I became queen, I swore to myself that I would lead my people by example. The Suju Exorcists are also my people, and they've followed me all the way here because they trust me. As their queen, it was only natural for me to decide to come here and lead them on my own, regardless of the objections from my courtiers.

Request Chat (West Coast Alliance Camp, Post-Oculus)

  • It was inconceivable, that Apostle's power...

:"Aska's shoulders trembled, probably from the memory of the blackish purple energy of death that surged over her in huge waves. Her trembling didn't last long. Something much bigger than her fear of the Apostle rested on her small shoulders."

I'm not going to step back. Everyone in Suju is counting on me. I'm never going to hesitate again.


  • I feel most at home among my people.
  • I hope my adviser doesn't come looking for me.
  • My actions must honor the late king's memory.

Conversation start

  • Welcome to Suju. I'm Queen Shonan Aska.
  • Relax. Let's just talk, okay?
  • I can feel the nen of the whole kingdom here.

Conversation end

  • Come back soon with more stories.
  • See you later. Maybe we should spar next time.
  • Take care.


  • Her entire name is of Japanese origin:
    • Shōnan - A region of Kanagawa Prefecture, meaning Light of the South.
    • Aska means either Flying Bird or Flowing Water





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