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Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Treasure Hunter
Alias N/A
Location Dungeon Rest Stop
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A


  • Repairs equipment.
  • Sells various items.

Gabriel's Secret Shop

After clearing a dungeon there will be a chance for Gabriel to appear in place of Delilah. He will sell three of the various types of items. Prices may vary.

Fragments and Crystals

Item Level Binding Cost
Red Cube Fragment.png Red Cube Fragment 1 100 Goldicon.png Gold
Blue Cube Fragment.png Blue Cube Fragment 1 100 Goldicon.png Gold
White Cube Fragment.png White Cube Fragment 1 100 Goldicon.png Gold
Black Cube Fragment.png Black Cube Fragment 1 100 Goldicon.png Gold
Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment 1 50 Goldicon.png Gold
Nihilistic Demon Stone Fragment.png Nihilistic Demon Stone Fragment 1 550 Goldicon.png Gold
Low Grade Elemental Crystal.png Low Grade Elemental Crystal 1 50 Goldicon.png Gold
High Grade Elemental Crystal.png High Grade Elemental Crystal 1 ? Goldicon.png Gold


Item Level Binding Cost
Salamander Flask.png Salamander Flask 3 1,800 Goldicon.png Gold
Jack Frost Flask.png Jack Frost Flask 3 1,800 Goldicon.png Gold

1x Owl Coupons

Item Level Binding Cost
Faithful Owl.png 1x Owl Coupon 1 Untradable 150,000 Goldicon.png Gold
  • Rare or Unique Equipment based on dungeon level.
  • Equipment pots based on dungeon level.
  • Recipes based on dungeon level.
  • Account bound items for Nihilistic Demon Stone.png Nihilistic Demon Stones.

(Formerly) In Ancient Dungeons, Gabriel may also sell the following:

  • Time Stone.png Time Stone
  • Relevant Appeasing Stone (Low Grade Appeasing Stone.png Low Grade Appeasing Stone in normal Ancient and Appeasing Stone.png Appeasing Stone in EX Ancient)
  • Special recipes
  • Relevant Daily Quest Reward Material (Vilmark material in Vilmark, Ghost Train material in Ghost Train, and etc.)

In Anton, Gabriel may also sell the following:

In Hell Mode after clearing a Hell Party, Gabriel has a chance of appearing to trade the following:

  • 5 Epic Fragments for any Epic Equipment of your choosing only once.
  • In return, he'll require 10 Epic Fragments from 5 random Epic Equipment to exchange for the specific Epic you've picked out.
  • Can reset the Fragment Table for 10,000 Goldicon.png Gold each.

In Chest Town dungeons, Gabriel may also sell the following:


  • Want to trade with me?
  • Imagine running into you here. You must be lucky.
  • I never expected to see you here, Dungeon Fighter. Seems we're both full of surprises.



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