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Hell Mode

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Hell Mode Entry

Hell Mode, sometimes referred to as Hell Parties, is a special mode in dungeons that allows you to fight extraordinarily hard enemies at a chance for some of the strongest equipment in the game.

Hell Party

When Hell Mode is triggered, a set room within a dungeon will be marked with a purple demon. Within that room, a pillar will be placed in the center of the map that can be hit after all monsters in the room have been defeated. When struck, the pillar will initially spawn Fallen Guardians. Once they are defeated, striking the pillar a second time will spawn either the demons Blaze, Miasma, Nightshade, or Darksteel. Afterwards, a group of Automated Player Characters will immediately spawn, which will then drop the rewards for the Hell Party after all are defeated.

Temporal Rift

Temporal Rift is a special variation of Hell Mode. Unlike the normal Hell Mode, this mode does not generate Epic Soul.png Epic Souls or Hell Orbs, but instead offers a higher Epic equipment drop rate. In order to access the Temporal Rift within a region, their respective regions' Hell Party Supplementary Story quest must be completed, which is unlocked after completing the main Hell Party quest. Afterwards, Temporal Rift will replace the Circulation Dungeon on the dungeon select screen when the Hell Mode button is selected.

In addition, 6 Fatigue Points are consumed on entry and offers 11 Epic Fragments per clear.

Special Dungeon

Temporal Rift creates a low chance of generating a special dungeon where you can fight the Cosmo Fiends. This special dungeon gives 2 additional Epic Fragments when cleared.

Epic Wish

At the beginning of every Temporal Rift dungeon is a Temporal Altar. Interacting with it will allow up to 5 Epic Equipment to be selected as Epic Wish Equipment. Doing so simply displays a special effect when the item drops; there is no effect on the drop rate on Epic Wish equipment.

Harlem Hell Mode

Sky Rift

Upon clearing Side Quest Icon.png [Sky Rift] A Rift in the Sky, players can access this variation with 1 Harlem dungeon being randomly selected with a special border around it. Now requiring 30 Demon Invitation.png Demon Invitations & 2 Rift Sensor Stone.png Rift Sensor Stones per run, Sky Rift also has a chance of dropping Level 95 Equipment from Tayberrs - Fallen Paradise.

Celestial Rift

Added as a post-Fiend War update, Celestial Rift is seen as a streamlined version both of Temporal & Sky Rift - albeit functioning very similarly to the former. But unlike it's Pandemonium counterpart, Celestial Rift's room length is shorten to 4 and can generate numerous rewards, including Epic Soul.png Epic Souls. 3 bosses from Fiend War randomly appears after entering the Temporal Portal and encountering Gravity Vice will have him drop either 2 of each Antimatter Particle.png Antimatter Particles or Special Antimatter Particle.png Special Antimatter Particles.

Requires 8 Fatigue, 40 Demon Invitation.png Demon Invitations & 4 Rift Sensor Stone.png Rift Sensor Stones per run.

Activating Hell Mode

Hell Mode can be encountered in one of two ways:

  • Party Play: Running dungeons in a party with at least two party members will cause a Hell Party to occur after a set amount of runs. In addition, the larger the party, the less runs required to trigger a Hell Party. Disbanding the party will reset the amount of runs needed for the next Hell Party. The current party's progress towards a Hell Party can be seen on the top-right of the interface. If the intensity reads High, then the next run will trigger a Hell Party.


  • Forced: By completing certain featured quests from Grandis, Hell Mode can be forcefully triggered by spending Demon Invitation.png Demon Invitations. This can be done with or without a party.

Forcing Hell Mode

Oceanic Express

Dungeon Required Invitations
Iron Scale 20
Runaway West-Bound 20
Shrouded Heiz 21
Battle at Arden City 21
Temporal Rift 22

Time Gate

Dungeon Required Invitations
The Great Blaze 20
Epidemic 20
Organization! The Kartel 21
Black Crusade 21
Confidential Area 21
Old Screaming Cavern 22
Naissance 22
Awakening 22
Temporal Rift 24

Power Station

Dungeon Required Invitations
Kore Power Plant 23
Furtz Power Plant 24
Trombe Power Plant 24
Grandine Power Plant 24
Temporal Rift 26

Castle of the Dead

  • Prerequisite: No quests found that satisfy the search criteria.
  • Temporal Rift Prerequisite: No quests found that satisfy the search criteria.
  • Generates Lv. 80-85 Epic Equipment
Dungeon Required Invitations
Inverted Watchtower 26
Luke Rinje 26
Metal Brakium 26
Salamander's Furnace 26
Banquet Hall of Light 26
Temporal Rift 28

Metro Center

Dungeon Required Invitations
Time Square 28
Valley of the Half-breeds 28
Chamber of Terror 28
Wind Canyon 28
Red Witch's Forest 28
Temporal Rift 30


Dungeon Required Invitations
Border Town 30
Total Eclipse 30
Dark City 30
District 9 30
Royal Casino 30
Fight Club 30
Sky Rift 30 + 2 Rift Sensor Stone.png Rift Sensor Stones
Celestial Rift 40 + 4 Rift Sensor Stone.png Rift Sensor Stones


Upon defeating the group of Automated Player Characters, a variable amount of Epic Fragments will drop. In addition, the following rewards have a rare chance of dropping:

Note that completing a Hell Party on a higher difficulty will raise the drop rates for all rewards except for Epic Equipment.