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Location Empyrean
Level Requirement 108
NPCs Meister Tenebe, Meister Volgan, Hauts-de-louis, Meister Curio
Areas Eternal Flame Lab (Area)
Dimensional Cruiser Wahrheit

Namenlos is a Empyrean village set 500 years ago during Bakal's reign, and before the Machine Revolution took place. Players can access this area through the Dimensional Cruiser Wahrheit while being at Level 108 to enter.


Town Background

Eternal Flame, the resistance army that fought Bakal, was always on the move. They never left any traces behind, taking care to evade their enemies. It fought more battles and sacrificed more than history tells, and most of its members died without anyone else ever really knowing. This city, where the resistance army harbored its last hopes, shares the same fate. One of many cities that were built and then disappeared during the era when even names were a luxury, it's now only known as Namenlos (Nameless). [1]




Portrait Name Occupation Location
Meister Tenebe Meister Tenebe Seven Meisters Leader
Eternal Flame Leader
Town Square (Temporary NPC)
Meister Volgan Seven Meisters
The Eternal Flame
Town Squad (Temporary NPC)
Hauts-de-louis Hauts-de-louis Seven Meisters
The Eternal Flame
Equipment Merchant
Town Square
Meister Curio Meister Curio Seven Meisters
The Eternal Flame
Equipment Merchant (Meister's Laboratory)
Town Lower Section