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Dimensional Cruiser Wahrheit

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Dimensional Cruiser Wahrheit
Dimensional Cruiser Wahrheit.jpg
Location Dimensional Storm
Level Requirement 108
NPCs Michelle Curio, Siran, Iris Fortunesinger, Tomboy Becky

Dimensional Cruiser Wahrheit is a large aerial cruiser that is built from the schematics that Michelle Curio retreived from the late Meister Herman. Players can access this hub from Ghent upon accepting the Act Quest [Center of the Warped Rift], letting them travel into Namenlos, a village from Empyrean's past.


Town Background

Michelle Curio successfully retrieved all the schematics created by Herman, the greatest technician in Empyrean's history. Der Schlüssel Zur Wahrheit, the dimensional cruiser, is the first of his creations that she's realized. This key to the fate of the multiverse sets off on a journey toward the truth that's hidden behind the distorted dimensional storm. [1]



Dimensional Cruiser Wahrheit

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Michelle Curio Michelle Curio Mechanic Dock Left Side
Siran Grand Master Dock
Iris Fortunesinger Iris Fortunesinger Elementalist Dock
Tomboy Becky Tomboy Becky Interdimensional Navigator Dock Right Side


  • Der Schlüssel Zur Wahrheit is German for "The Key To The Truth".