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Glam Ringwood

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Glam Ringwood
Portrait-Glam Rinwood.png
Age Unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Merchant
Alias N/A
Location Hendon Myre Downtown Passage

Glam Ringwood is a Blue Knight of the De Los Empire. He stands in front of Hil Vale, a historical site where the Pelos Empire and the De Los Empire once battled three hundred years ago. Glam serves as an imperial envoy for the Empire.



Request Chat

  • Blue represents the sky over the De Los Empire. Unlike the Pelos Empire, which grew lazy, the De Los Empire continues to increase its territory. The Pelos Empire collapsed due to all the infighting between those trying to hold on to their own property. Knowing the fate of heroes such as Kazan and Ozma, wouldn't you agree with me? The Empire must continue to expand. Otherwise, it will walk the same path as the Pelos Empire!
  • You must be in a Guild to participate in the Faction War! Although the power of one person may be limited, when united with others, they can be as strong as the De Los Empire!
  • To participate in the Faction War, you must first join a faction. Only a Guild Master or an Asst. Guild Master may join a faction.
  • Bahol is a fine soldier. No, was a fine soldier. I joined the military so that I could be like him. It is unfair that he has to manage the festival instead of fighting on the front lines with us. And all because of one mistake in battle. Never mind, I will accomplish what he cannot! Bwahahaha!
  • There are some who talk negatively about the De Los Empire, but that is because they are novices who know nothing. Do you not see that great Dungeon Fighters like yourself can exist because of the De Los Empire?
  • It's completely up to you, the Assistant Guild Master, or the Guild Master to decide which faction to join. But, if you are truly ambitious, it would be wise to join the De Los Faction.
  • Each time you defeat an opponent in the Faction War, you will obtain [Faction War Points]. The more [Faction War Points] you collect, the greater your reward will be from the De Los Empire!

Request Chat (Faction War)

  • If you are in a party, you are ready. So, why not leave this safe area and fight? Hmm? Are you scared?
  • The final war that occurred here 300 years ago ended in victory for the De Los Empire. Centuries later, that victory still stands. You, as a representative of the De Los Empire, must also be victorious!
  • When you meet an opponent from the other faction, you can use the CTRL key to fight. Instead of standing here making me talk about it, why don't you go try it out? Even if that means you lose a few times...
  • You have some business outside? You can go outside by selecting [Leave] from my menu. Remember, though, once you leave, you won't be able to reenter for a fixed period of time. That's because of the cowards who always run away as soon as a fight starts. Haha!
  • No need to be scared already. This is a safe area where the opposing faction cannot enter. Before you begin, find other Dungeon Fighters to join your party. Of course, you can also go it alone, but that's probably not the wisest choice.


  • I won't let anyone mar the name of the Empire.
  • Want to join in the festival?
  • This is your opportunity to show how strong you are.
  • An opportunity like this doesn't come around often.

Conversation start

  • The power of the De Los Faction is magnificent, is it not?
  • Were you thinking of participating in the Faction War?
  • I am Glam Ringwood, imperial envoy.
  • I can tell you've seen your share of battles.

Conversation end

  • Go talk to Bahol if you need to.
  • See you around.
  • I'll see you later.