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The Elrox

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The Elrox
The Elrox.png
Location Arad Continent
Level Requirement Level 96
NPCs Great General Woon Lyonir, Hugh Fitzlary, Isabella, Cyrus, Michelle, Santorini
Areas The Elrox - Stormy Route, The Elrox - Dark Dimension

The Elrox is a flying warship from Empyrean created by the Seven Shards and modeled after the Philasia. It is under the command of Great General Woon Lyonir and named after the late Commander-in-chief, Jakter Elrox.

After the events of the Empyrean Civil War, Empress Erje allocated efforts to research the Dimensional Storm in the Sea of Storms, and ordered the construction of a heavy duty flying vessel capable of traversing through the Middle Ocean, the Elrox. Recently, the vessel has been sighted above Arad, researching rifts caused by the strange weather phenomenon.


Town Background

The Ziben Empire's first airship created by the Seven Shards based on the Philasia's data.
Named after the greatest general in Empyrean's history, it's loaded with the country's cutting-edge weapons that were further improved after the war with Apostle Anton.
Its impressive plasma cannon was designed by Melvin Richter and Farrel Wane, and then constructed by Gina Theodor.
Its engine is based on Lindsey Rossum and Meryl Pioneer's design, and it's powered by a new type of fuel that Naen Siger has created by using various substances.

"Come on, guys. If you add just a little bit of magic here—"
- Hugh Fitzlary, before he got kicked off the ship by Meryl


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Great General Woon-NFace1.png
Great General Woon Lyonir Empyrean Grand General Elrox Bow
Hugh Fitzlary Seven Shards Member; Explosives Expert Elrox Bow (Stormy Route Exclusive)
Michelle Monohan Dimensional Rift Consultant Elrox Bow (Stormy Route Exclusive)
Imperial Princess Isabella De Los Empire Representative Leader Elrox Bow
Hound Cyrus Isabella's Bodyguard Elrox Bow
Santorini Chairman of Bel Myre Congress; Bel Myre Representative Leader Elrox Bow (Dark Dimension Exclusive)

The Elrox - Stormy Route

The Elrox - Dark Dimension