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Arad Continent

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Map of Arad

The Arad Continent, also known as the "Underworld" by Empyreans, is a vast land mass that covers a large portion of the Arad planet. It is rumored to have been created by the Great Mage Myre long ago. One of its most distinguishing features is the Pentacle hovering in the sky created by Myre, though to many, its purpose remains unknown.


The mainstay of adventurer activity; much of Dungeon Fighter Online's adventure story takes place in this vast land...
The first light of civilization on the Arad Continent was originally created by Elves and Humans, but later, as relations between the two dwindled, the Elves gradually disappeared from the face of the continent...
At the present, the Arad Continent is mainly controlled by the following powers: the De Los Empire, the Principality of Bel Myre, the Suju Kingdom, the Bantu, and the Dark Elf Kingdom.

The De Los Empire is the successor of the once powerful Pelos Empire. Back then, the Empire had fallen apart due to the outbreak of the Curse of Blood which was caused by the revenge of Ozma, the God of Chaos. After a long period of assembling their forces, the descendents of the Empire re-stablished a new military power - the De Los Empire, inheriting the will of Pelos with the sole ambition of reunifying the entire continent.

The Principality of Bel Myre covers a vast and fertile territory with a history spanning over 500 years. Skardi Valour serves as the Principality's current Queen, and governs the state with the assistance of three senators. Currently however, the Principality is being occupied by the De Los Empire.

The Suju Kingdom is an ancient civilization with a history that spans back more than 2,000 years. Although the land it controls is not very large, it is a country that should not be underestimated; almost everyone is a practitioner of the martial arts, and the weapons produced by the Shonan Workshop are said to be the best in the world.

The Bantu is a collective term that refers to all the tribes that live on the northern border of the Stru Mountains. Currently, it is divided into several sub-tribes, namely the Bolk, the Kunic, and the Toros. Although the relationship between these tribes are not harmonious, every 30 years when the Ice Dragon Skasa reawakens, the tribes still work together to traverse the mountains.

Unlike the other powers, the Dark Elf Kingdom is a nation that was built in underground caves. Being that the Dark Elves are naturally alert, they implemented a national policy of isolation. However due to the spread of an epidemic, relations between the Dark Elves and its neighboring country Bel Myre have deteriorated, and are now on the verge of war.


Nowadays, the Arad Continent is trapped within a maelstrom of constant fighting; and with an epidemic rampant, it can be said that it is in a dark age full of instability and desolation. People caught living in the middle eagerly await the arrival of heroes, hoping that true warriors will be able to drive away the chaos, and bring long-forgotten peace back to the Arad Continent.[1]

Regions & Notable Landmarks

De Los Empire Bel Myre Principality Suju Kingdom

Bantu Nation

Dark Elf Kingdom