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Dark Elf Ruins

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.

Dark Elf Ruins
Dark Elf Temple Screen.png
Location Underfoot
Min. Level 40
Level 40-86
Monster Level 40-86
End Boss Icon-Giant Boss Gruff.png Giant Boss Gruff

Dark Elf Ruins was an area accessed through the Dimensional Gate at the southern most point in Underfoot before Act 7 Part 1. From Act 7 Part 1 the entrance was moved to the northern most section of Underfoot, through the doorway next to Abello. To access the area, players must complete a series of Side Quests unlocked at LV. 40.


Dark Elf Temple

In the Dark Elf Ruins, there were once altars for performing religious ceremonies. The priests that managed the altars would pray to bless the living and give thanks to their ancestors. Along with performing these ceremonies, they also studied alchemy and magic that helped the development and growth of the kingdom.

With such great progress, the King ordered the priests to create a dimensional gate that would connect the Kingdom, like a vast highway network for instant travel. However, the gate they opened was not the one they desired.

Instead of building portal gates to connect regions in the kingdom, the priests opened a gate into another dimension and rampaging monsters started emerging from it, killing everyone in their path. The Guardians of the Temple immediately took action and mounted a counter attack, killing the monsters that have entered through the gate before they cound inflict anymore harm.

The remaining priests started to close the gate but before they could, a huge monster suddenly appeared from it. The giant monster roared, it was so loud that it shook the entire foundation of the temple. With this roar, thousands of monsters started rushing out of the dimensional gate, besieging the temple once more.

The priests and guardians fought valiantly against the monsters but it wasn't enough. They were losing ground and soon the temples were destroyed. The King who has heard of the news quickly dispatched additional forces to combat the growing threat. The reinforcements arrived on time and they were able to push back the monsters and reach the area where the dimensional gate is located.

Victory was almost near.

However, the giant monster stood in their path, preventing them from reaching the gate. Try as they may, they could not overcome the strength of the giant monster and wave after wave of attackers fell helplessly against it.

With no other options available, the King and his council decided that the temple can no longer be recovered and only it's destruction can close the dimensional gate and preventing more monsters from coming through.

Thus, the Dark Elves destroyed the temple and all the area that leads to it, erasing it from the pages of history.

Dark Elf Ruins

Long time no see! Adventurer! How have you been?

Forgive me for coming here at such a short notice but I have a request for you.

The Dark Elves have studied the Dimensional Gate for a very long time. The one who leads this research is the Great Sage Highmore.

After years of research, Highmore succeeded in creating a dimensional gate that connects to the past. There he found a ruined temple, forgotten by time.

Highmore knew he found a discovery of a lifetime but he needed help in exploring the ruined temple. Acquiring funding for his research should have been simple enough but the internal dispute within the Royal Family complicated things.

Because of the volatile situation, Highmore knew his research could be used in the political power struggle and he could lose everything he worked hard for. Highmore kept his discovery from the public and secretly met with the Queen whom he trusted greatly. They quickly formed an expedition team made of trustworthy individuals, loyal to the Queen. But the expedition was met with disaster and most of the members were killed by monsters inside the ruined temple.

You may ask me, "Why don't you just close the Dimensional Gate?" Well, if we close it without investigating further, then we will never unlock its secrets and solve the mystery of the ruined temple. Too many lives have also been lost, we cannot simply abandon the expedition and dishonor the sacrifices made by our comrades.

That is why we are looking for experienced and outstanding adventurers such as yourself to help us with our expedition.

They say that you are as trustworthy as they come. So what do you say? Will you join us? I will give you some time to think about it. If you are ever interested in travelling back to the past, come find me.


Dark Elf Ruins

Dark Elf Ruins Map Screen
Dungeon Name Level
Temple Entrance.png Temple Entrance 40-86
Labyrinth.png Labyrinth 40-86
Inner Temple.png Inner Temple 40-86


Entrance Fees

Entering the Dark Elf Ruins requires Black Cube Fragments. Amount required varies depending on the difficulty.

Difficulty Required Material
Black Cube Fragment.png Black Cube Fragment x10
★★ Black Cube Fragment.png Black Cube Fragment x20
★★★ Black Cube Fragment.png Black Cube Fragment x40
★★★★ Black Cube Fragment.png Black Cube Fragment x80

Dungeon Difficulty

All dungeons have 4 difficulties.

  • Higher difficulties have more maps and more complicated monster patterns.
  • Entrance requirement for each difficulty is as follows.
Difficulty Entrance Requirement
★★ Clear the 1 Star Dungeon one time, then clear it again without using a Life Token
★★★ Clear the 2 Star Dungeon three times, then clear it again without using a Life Token
★★★★ Clear the 3 Star Dungeon seven times, then clear it again without using a Life Token

Note: Giant Boss Gruff will appear randomly when you enter 3 Star+ Dark Elf Ruins dungeons. Eliminating Gruff will give you bonus clear rewards and materials. Also, Gruff has a chance to drop tradable Legendary items.


  • Each dungeon can only be entered on the days specified below.
  • Dungeons can be entered up to twice per day
    • Does not reset upon leveling up
  • Dungeons do not consume fatigue points or grant EXP
  • Dungeon difficulty is not shared across the account
  • Each player can use up to 4 Life Tokens
  • Cannot encounter Gabriel


The type of reward and amount of reward changes depending on dungeon and difficulty.

Each boss drops Lump of Dimensional Fragment which grants 5 Dimensional Fragments when opened. Dimensional Fragments are used to buy chronicle boxes from Alisha.

Difficulty Rewards
1 Lump of Dimensional Fragment, 1 Box, 1 Remains of the Ruins.
★★ 1 Lump of Dimensional Fragment, 1 Box, 2 Remains of the Ruins.
★★★ 2 Lump of Dimensional Fragment, 2 Box, 3 Remains of the Ruins.
★★★★ 2 Lump of Dimensional Fragment, 2 Box, 4 Remains of the Ruins.

Each dungeon drops a different type of box.

  • Temple Entrance = Endless Eternity Box (the green box). Grants 4 Endless Eternity.
  • Labyrinth = Powerful Energy Box (the purple box). Grants 4 Powerful Energy.
  • Inner Temple = Enchanting Materials Box (the blue box). Grants a random card (common/uncommon) or enchanting bead.