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Suju Kingdom

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Suju or the Suju Kingdom is one of the four prominent nations on the Arad Continent, located in the northwestern half of the Principality of Bel Myre. Formerly a country of isolationism, it recently opened its borders under the policies of its new ruler, Queen Shonan Aska. The Suju are primarily known for their diverse fighting styles and their harnessing of spiritual energy known as Nen.


A small country located in the northwestern region of Arad. Suju's national historians insist that their country has at least two thousand years of history. The current ruler of Suju is Shonan Kay, who resides in Shonan, the capital of Suju. In addition to their extremely distinctive language and culture, the citizens of Suju look slightly different than those in other Human countries. They generally have smaller frames, and are nimble and adept at manipulating Nen. Although the people of Suju tend to be mild-tempered, many powerful Nen Masters com from the mountains, valleys, and caves gather to defend their country when they sense an impending invasion.

Young Nen masters run modest Nen institutes at the borders of Shonan, and high quality Katanas can be purchased at affordable prices in Suju. It is recommended that non-natives stay out of trouble, as even the most frail-looking old man in Suju may have skill that rivals a professional swordsman.

~~Excerpt from Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Refined Aradians: Chapter 3


Notable Members