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Storybooks are Use items that are acquired from dungeons that explain lore not shown in Epic Quests. Each Storybook contains 1 to 5 chapters. Upon using the item, the player receives a side quest, and at the end receives reward gold and experience at chapter completion. After completion, players can re-read the Storybook again on all account characters through the Storybook tab in the Use Item Inventory.

Storybook items can be found from every dungeon's boss, but there are some exceptions. They cannot be found in Mt. Kulun, Forgotten Land, Suju Arena, Special Quest Dungeons, Event Dungeons, and the Valley of Fallen Souls. However, in scenario and adventure mode dungeons, storybooks will not drop if the boss monster is a normal dungeon's named monster.

There are different grades of storybooks ranging from Rare and Unique to Legendary. Rare and Unique storybooks are Account Bound whereas Legendary storybooks are tradeable. Storybooks also have an 2 week expiration date after acquisition.

Note: Storybooks have a level requirement dictating their reward gold and experience. If the player uses a Storybook and is underleveled, it will stay in their Unfinished Quest tab.

Note: If you delete character which started a storybook quest but did not complete it, each chapter of the storybook that the character had in progress will be reset.


Blue Guardian

Cover Chapter(s)
Blue Guardian Cover.png

Wingless Angel

Cover Chapter(s)
Wingless Angel Cover.png

Way of the Priest

Cover Chapter(s)
Way of the Priest Cover.png

Great Adventurer Karakas

Cover Chapter(s)
Great Adventurer Karakas Cover.png

Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Refined Aradians

Cover Chapter(s)
Broad and Shallow Knowledge for Refined Aradians Cover.png

Alchemist's Friend

Cover Chapter(s)
Alchemist's Friend Cover.png

Low Ranking Knight Training Journal

Cover Chapter(s)
Low Ranking Knight Training Journal Cover.png

The Wind Blowing upon Empyrean

Cover Chapter(s)
The Wind Blowing upon Empyrean Cover.png

Hidden Bomb: The Cyphers

Cover Chapter(s)
Hidden Bomb- The Cyphers Cover.png

Children of Chain Peace

Cover Chapter(s)
Children of Chain Peace Cover.png

Happy Magic Classroom

Cover Chapter(s)
Happy Magic Classroom Cover.png

Last Heir of the Ulus

Cover Chapter(s)
Last Heir of the Ulus Cover.png

Old Friend

Cover Chapter(s)
Old Friend Cover.png

Talking about Kartel

Cover Chapter(s)
Talking about Kartel Cover.png

Young Imperial Knight

Cover Chapter(s)
Young Imperial Knight Cover.png

Forest of No Return

Cover Chapter(s)
Forest of No Return Cover.png

Black Crusade Report

Cover Chapter(s)
Black Crusade Report Cover.png

Taybers's Light

Cover Chapter(s)
Taybers's Light Cover.png

Unexpressed Sadness

Cover Chapter(s)
Unexpressed Sadness Cover.png

New Genesis

Cover Chapter(s)
New Genesis Cover.png

Red Sin

Cover Chapter(s)
Red Sin Cover.png

Mischievous Homunculus

Cover Chapter(s)
Mischievous Homunculus Cover.png

Interlude: Noblesky

Cover Chapter(s)
Interlude Noblesky.png

The Wind Blowing upon the Lawless District

Cover Chapter(s)
Locked Storybook.png

A Heroine

Cover Chapter(s)
A Heroine Cover.png


Cover Chapter(s)
Seclusion Cover.png