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Guide Rebecca

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Guide Rebecca
Portrait-Guide Rebecca.png
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Resistance Agent; Ancient Dungeon Guide; APC
Alias N/A

Guide Rebecca or Rebecca Elrox is the daughter Empyrean Commander-in-Chief Jakter Elrox, the Eagle Eye, left behind in the Lawless District to become a soldier in the Empyrean army. At a very young age, she and two others, Jay and Woon Lyonir were the founding members of the resistance group, Chain Peace, which fought with the Wespeace Army against the Kartel. She is thought to have been killed in action after Chain Peace was betrayed and exterminated.

She now works with Captain Luther aboard the Saint Horn as a Resistance Agent against the Empire aiding adventurers through Ancient Dungeons.




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