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Woon Lyonir

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WoonIcon.png Woon Lyonir
Age 24
Sex Male
Race Empyrean
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Adjutant of Jakter; Ranger
Alias N/A
Location Philasia

Woon Lyonir is an experienced Ranger, and is the young and talented adjutant of Jakter the Eagle Eye. As of Season 6, he has now been promoted to Great General and is no longer on Noblesky, currently located at the Elrox section of Philasia.




Request Chat

  • Many of our soldiers are former members of Kartel, and instead of locking them away, we're giving them a chance to redeem themselves. We're aware that they're an unstable factor, so we've been keeping a tight leash on them. Now that we're here, however, everyone shares the same goal.
  • I don't like to be called by my first name. Please call me Lyonir.
Naen: Woon! Could you explain this to me? H-Hiram a-asked me to take a look, b-but i-it's filled with boring military jargon.
Woon: ...I gave up on her.
  • ...How can I help you? I'm not a good talker, and I don't like chitchat. Do you mean this necklace? It's a personal belonging, and it has nothing to do with my work.

Request Chat (While in the Anton Raid Channel)

  • We must collaborate closely with the rest of our army to defeat Anton. Please follow my instructions and stya in touch with the mian ship.
  • Hello. I'm Woon Lyonir, colonel. Please let me know if you need anything. Huh? Why would I mind being called by my first name? You can call me anything you want.
  • Commander Eagle Eye was the commander-in chief of the Imperial Army, so he couldn't leave Ispin Island where Ghent is situated. So he resigned from his previous position and set up the Anton Operation Headquarters in Eaton. For an army, the absence of its commander-in-chief is very dangerous. Commander Eagle-Eye appointed his successor before his resignation, but the new commander was killed when Ghent was sieged, and his position has been left vacant since then because every potential candidate turned down the offer lest they might not measure up to Commander Eagle Eye. So all documents that have to do with the Imperial Army or other important matters, or that contain complaints and suggestions from the Royal Family and the Council of Nobility to Commander Eagle Eye. Things could have been worse if it weren't for Sir Jurgen.
Player Character: I see. Does the Commander have any aides other than you?
Woon: He did, but everyone else died.

Request Chat (Upon completion of Hidden Quest Icon.png Save Jackter the Eagle Eye)

  • Everything's clear on this side.
  • Her Highness is waiting.
  • Yes? How may I help you?

Request Chat (Ghent, Post-Empyrean War)

  • Thank you... for staying with Commander Eagle Eye during his last moments. It's been so long since I've seen him look like he was at peace. A monument will be erected inside the Palace in his honor, as per Her Majesty's order. However, he'll be represented not as the commander-in-chief he was, but as a nameless soldier. But the few letters that will be etched on the monument won't matter too much. What really matters is that we remember his undying bravery and love for his country.
  • Captain Temmy will stay in the Noblesky for a while, to protect the Oceanic Express engineers against pirates while they restore the railroads between Etten and Bahn Hafen. As for Lieutenant Lucas... He returned to Northpiece. Her Majesty recognized his contributions during the war and allowed him to stay in the Army, but he didn't want the title that he received, simply because he was a Wane. He'll be working at Northpiece Headquarters, starting at the bottom. I'll start operating again at Her Majesty's orders as soon as things in the Palace are settled. I look forward to working with you again, Adventurer.
  • At this moment, I'm serving as the commander of Wespeace and also the commander-in-chief of the Empyrean Army, at Her Majesty's order. Wespeace needs its commander more desperately than any other places, but since I was appointed commander-in-chief, I haven't gone
I think I'd better find someone to take care of Wespeace in my stead.
  • I've been receiving frequent reports on that unusual storm in the Sea of Storms. I tried to check it with my soldiers, but the storm was so strong that we couldn't get as close to it as we wanted. We probably need a special ship to investigate it thoroughly. Something lightweight like the Philasia, but as durable as the Noblesky. Maybe I should talk to Her Majesty about that. Now, excuse me.