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Last Memet

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MemetIcon.png Last Memet
Last Memet.png
Age Unknown
Sex Unknown
Race Time Lord
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Dark Knight's and Creator's Overseer, Time Gate Guardian
Alias N/A
Location Saint Horn

Last Memet is a Time Lord that oversees the progress of the Dark Knight's and Creator's missions to retrieve the time fragments scatter across the world. Last Memet also unlocks Time Gate - Requiem. Memet is located on Saint Horn, but disappears once Time Gate - Requiem is unlocked.


  • Helps introduce the main functions of Dark Knight and Creator upon creation.
  • Guides the Dark Knight and Creator to retrieve Time Fragments to restore their powers.


Request Chat

  • I'm the last Memet. I'm the Time Lord who witnessed the catastrophe that will mark the end of Human history.
  • Only the Children of Time can change the future.
  • I don't have much time left in the Human realm.

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