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Pandemonium Outpost

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Pandemonium Outpost
Pandemonium Outpost Loading Screen.png
Location Pandemonium
Level Requirement Level 86
NPCs Azalea Lott, Dana Donatel, Hunter Von, Imperial Princess Isabella, Pipi
Areas Metro Center
Central Park

Pandemonium Outpost is the base of operations of the Adventurer's Guild, Joint Investigation Group, and Grim Seekers for reaching Central Park in Pandemonium. Players can travel to Pandemonium Outpost via Dana Donatel, after finishing the necessary epic quest Epic Quest Icon.png Abandoned Becky given at Level 86. As players progress through the epic quest line, the background for the camp changes, eventually ending with a mixture between desert and forest between Wind Canyon and Red Witch's Forest. Players can traverse the outpost to enter Central Park after finishing the Level 86 Quest No quests found that satisfy the search criteria..


Map of Pandemonium Outpost


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Azalea Lott Azalea Lott Dungeon Fighter Association leader, Founder and Leader of the Grim Seekers Grim Seeker
Dana Donatel Dana Donatel Adventurer's Guild Sub-Guild Master, Teleport: Pandemonium Outpost to Zelva Pandemonium Outpost Camp
Hunter Von Hunter Von Hunter and Tracker of the Adventurer's Guild, Boss Unique Merchant, Cinematic Viewer Pandemonium Outpost Camp
Imperial Princess Isabella Imperial Princess Isabella 3rd Princess of the De Los Empire, Investigator, APC Pandemonium Outpost Camp
Pipi Pipi Summoner, Student of Kate, APC Pandemonium Outpost Camp

Metro Center

Metro Center is the dungeon area in the Pandemonium Outpost. Players must be level 86 to enter this area. These dungeons span from level 86 to 90.