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Vaughn Walshuted

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Vaughn WalshutedIcon.png Vaughn Walshuted
Age 17 at the time of Old Screaming Cavern, current age is unknown
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation Emily (wife); De Los Empire; Iron Wolves
Occupation Legendary Grand Master
Alias N/A
Location West Coast (Temporarily); Ghent (Temporarily); Zelva (Temporarily)
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Vaughn Walshuted is known as one of the four legendary Grand Masters, and is known as the world's greatest Short Sword Master. He serves the De Los Empire and generally acts in its interest. He moves about in the overall quest line, often crossing your path, and often with a plan of action if not some form of assistance. While experienced and formidable in combat, outside of it he's shown to be on the flaky side and somewhat quick to change moods.

He plays a role in Female Slayer's past as well as in a chapter of the Time Gate


Vaughn Walshuted is a Slayer and a Blade Master from the De Los Empire, and one of the four Legendary Grand Masters, on par with Aganzo, Siran, and Bwanga. He became a knight, a Baron, and the captain of the Iron Wolves group in the Empire for his service in defeating and killing Intangible Sirocco in the Screaming Cavern. He would have earned more if the nobility didn't complain because of his commoner status to the one who granted him that status, Emperor Leon Heinrich De Los. He would later be granted a Viscounty title later in his life.

He would marry his childhood sweetheart, Emily von Krueger, an aristocrat from the noble family of the von Kruegers. Initially, her family disapproved of their marriage because he was a commoner and someone who had no noble heritage. However, when he came back from the Screaming Cavern Incident and was declared a hero for putting an end to Sirocco, he became a noble and now the marriage proposal is legitimate.

However tragedy struck as Emily was caught in an arsonist attack in her friend's summer home before the marriage came to fruition, attacked by unknown assailants. Vaughn rescued her, but she went into a coma. She would wake up from it soon after but was beset with a debilitating mental illness which caused amnesia and paranoia. Despite this and her parents' insistence on not going through the marriage, Vaughn still insisted on marrying his love of his life. With the help of the Emperor, the marriage came through, but her condition is kept a secret from everyone, even from Vaughn's Iron Wolves. In return for the Emperor's help, Vaughn was tasked with a secret project: the Vilmark Project.

The project was located in a hidden site within Grand Flores where cruel experiments are done by the Empire. It was here where the Female Slayer became who she is today, and Vaughn is connected to her because he oversaw the project of transferring otherworldly beings from another world into one of the test subjects. The purpose was to harness the power of the Apostles. For what purpose the Emperor wants them for is unknown, but the Vilmark experiments soon came to an end, and the site was forgotten except for those who know about it.



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  • Vaughn's last name, Walshuted, seems to be a transliteration or a mistranslation of these names: Walenstadt and Waldstatt. Both of these names are of German origins, and have the roots of 'walen' which means whale, 'stadt' meaning city, and 'wald' meaning forest.
  • Vaughn's first name is a surname, originally Welsh, in the forms of Vaughn and Vaughan, though also used as a form of the Irish surname McMahon. Vaughan derives from the Welsh word bychan, meaning "small", and so corresponds to the English name Little and the Breton cognate Bihan. The word mutates to fychan. Fychan literally means "small", but also "junior" or "younger". It is fitting considering he is the youngest of the Four Legendary Blade Masters/Grand Masters.
  • He is dressed up as Apostle Cain during Halloween events.



Vaughn's younger and past appearance Vaughn's current appearance Vaughn at Castle of the Dead in Zelva


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