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Emily von Krueger

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I remember having made a promise with a young man, whom I believed would further his goals without any fear of pain. Although I can't remember who he is, he seems to mean a lot to me...
Emily von Krueger
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation De Los Empire
Occupation Unknown
Alias N/A

Foreign Names:
에밀리 폰 크루거

Location Vitalon

Emily von Krueger is one of the many tertiary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online. She is the niece of Conrad von Krueger, the cousin of Hartz von Krueger and the wife of Vaughn Walshuted. She makes a cameo in the Storybook, Young Imperial Knight.


Character Biography:

Female/Age Unknown.
The wife of Vaughn Walshuted and the cousin-sister of Hartz von Krueger.

She is a member of the Krueger family, a well-known aristocratic family of the De Los Empire, and was engaged to the commoner knight Vaughn Walshuted.
However, while away with her companions at a summer villa, she almost suffered a gruesome fate due to the attack of unknown assailants, but was rescued in time by Vaughn.
From then on, she suffered from arrhenophobia (a fear towards men) due to shock, and just the sight of men causes her to exhibit symptoms of mental illness such as the throwing of objects toward them.
Because of this, Emily's parents recommended that Vaughn annul the marriage, but he refused, claiming that she was his one and only, and with the Emperor's assistance, they quietly consummated their marriage.


Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

Despite Emily being born into the high-ranking aristocratic family, she fell in love with her childhood friend, a commoner named Vaughn Walshuted. But due to societal norms and the differences in their familial status, their relationship was considered forbidden. Her mother disapproved of their marriage unless Vaughn was of higher status. Regardless, it did not stop Emily from deeming Vaughn her fiancee.

After Vaughn returned from the Screaming Cavern Incident as a decorated hero, Emily was elated that her fiance was rewarded with increased status by the Emperor to allow their marriage to become legitimate. However, due to unfortunate circumstance, while Emily was away at a friend's summer home prior to their marriage, she fell into a coma after an arson attack by unknown assailants.

Upon awakening from her coma, she suffered from a debilitating mental illness which made her suffer from paranoia and amnesia. Because of this, her parents wanted to break off the marriage, but Vaughn persisted that she and him still be married to prevent her from being abjured by her family. With the assistance of the Emperor, their marriage became official, and news of her condition were kept a secret from the public eye.

During the events of the main story, it is revealed by Imperial Princess Isabella that Emily had died while Vaughn was away on his expedition to Empyrean, though the details regarding her death remain unknown. Much to Vaughn's chagrin, he was unable to attend her funeral, and continued to secretly mourn her death while maintaining a false charade of his happy marriage to increase the morale of his troops.


  • In an older version, there was a short sword in-game named after her called Emily's Silver Knife:

Emily's Silver Knife:
Emily, the wife of Weapon Master Vaughn, carries this silver knife to protect herself from scoundrels.