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Judy Ringwood

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Judy Ringwood
Age Late 20s
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation De Los Empire - House Ringwood
Occupation Prison Warden (Former)
Hyria's Attendant
Empire / House Ringwood Division Leader
Alias The Wolf of the Penitentiary (형무소의 늑대)
Location Ringwood Penitentiary, Destroyed Chest Town
Foreign Name(s)
Korean Ver.:

주디 링우드 Judi Ringwudeu, "Judy Ringwood"

Likeability Enabled

Judy Ringwood (Korean: 주디 링우드 Judi Ringwudeu), also known as The Wolf of the Penitentiary, is the personal escort of Princess Hyria and the former prison warden of Ringwood Penitentiary in Abnova.

She makes her debut during the events of the Black Order Resurgence after the Black Order attack on Chest Town. Judy accompanies the Adventurers and Priest Order forces within the Los Chest to stop the Black Order from resurrecting Ozma of Chaos. During the Second Black Crusade, she serves as the Empire / House Ringwood division leader.



Judy Ringwood

"I'd rather be rewarded for betrayal than be hanged for loyalty."

The eldest daughter of House Ringwood, one of the most loyal families of the De Los Empire.

A founding contributor of the Empire, Ringwood was later sent away to the borderland because of [recte a] severe transgression that it committed, to manage a penitentiary there under duress with one of its members being the warden.

The Ringwoods accepted this punishment without complaint. They dutifully managed the prison to prove their unswerving loyalty toward their country.

Judy inherited the warden position and did her job as well as any of her predecessors.

She was also talented in torturing others. She could make even the most stubborn prisoner spill his most guarded secret.

Judy was so notorious that one political prisoner gave up all his collaborators as soon as she showed up in the interrogation room.

Her ruthlessness, combined with the scarlet cape around her shoulder, gave her the moniker "the Wolf of the Penitentiary" among her prisoners.

A few years ago, she delegated her warden position to someone else in her family and disappeared all of a sudden.

There were a lot of rumors about her whereabouts, but then she resurfaced as the commanding officer of First Princess Hyria's retinue.

It's not known how she joined the Princess's retinue, but the general consensus is that the Ringwoods are trying to return to the political scene with Judy in the lead.[1]


  • Her first name is of Hebrew origins being a diminutive form of Judith meaning Praised.
  • Her surname dates back to 10th Century England recorded as Runcwuda and Rimucwuda with Wuda meaning Wood and Rimuc being derived from Rima for Border as combining those two makes border wood and is also a town located in Hampshire.
  • As a member of the prominent Ringwood family, she may be a close relative to Glam Ringwood.


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