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Black Purgatory
Black Purgatory Loading Screen.png
Location Arad - Destroyed Chest Town
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Horrendous Astaros
Map of Black Purgatory

Black Purgatory is the second dungeon area of Chest Town and the dungeon area that follows the events of Exile Mountains. Players must be Level 100 and complete the necessary Act Quest to access the area through Destroyed Chest Town.

After losing the Coffin of Extinction to the Black Order, Lemidia Basilica receives news of a prison breach within Lemidia Capella. Its prisoner, Despero the Pureblood, has gone missing. Concerned about the Black Order's next move, the Priest Order sends reinforcements to the garrison at Chantri. In the meantime, the Imposter forces overrun Chest Town, and take over Roschest. With the Imperial forces of Chest Town on the run and the former lands of Dark Side in the hands of the Black Order, Ozma's resurrection is close at hand. The Priest Order and the Adventurers must rescue the refugees, recapture Roschest, and stop the Black Order before it plunges the world into another Black Crusade.



모든 것이 시작되었으나, 지금은 멈춰버린 이곳에서 그분의 숨결이 아직도 느껴지는구나.

오랜 시간 많은 것을 바라본 적들의 신념은 볼품없이 바닥나
그저 거짓된 잔의 밑바닥을 간신히 적시고 있겠지만

오랜 시간 하나만을 바라본 우리의 신념은 가득 차올라
마침내 진실한 잔을 넘치게 할 마지막 한 방울만을 남겨두었지.

적들의 흩어진 신념은 이 땅에서 그분의 흔적을 다 지우기엔 부족했으니
곧 우리에게 절망할 것이고

우리의 희미했던 흔적이 마침내 숨길 수 없는 흉터가 되어 드러나
곧 적들에게 파멸을 선사할 것이니

비로소 마주할 아득한 공포 앞에서 마침내 혼돈을 떠올릴 때
우리의 신은 너희들의 눈앞에 다시 강림할 것이다.

드디어 그분을 다시 볼 날이 다가오겠구나.

이제 떨어뜨릴 이 작은 한 방울이 검은 대지에 스며들 때
모든 것이 멈췄던 바로 이곳에서... 다시 모든 것이 시작될 것이다. [1]

Synopsis (English):

Here, where everything began and was put to a halt, I still can feel his breath.

Having watched far too much in too short a time, the enemy has run out of faith,
which now barely fills the bottom of its false chalice.

Having watched only one thing, we're still strong in our faith,
which now fills our true chalice, missing all but a single drop.

The enemy's faith has spread so thin that it couldn't erase His traces from all of this land.
Soon, they'll despair.

Soon, our faint traces will become apparent as vivid scars.
Soon, we'll deliver destruction to the enemy.

When it finally remembers Chaos in the face of looming terror,
He will descend once again before its eyes.

Hah hah hah!
Soon, we'll see him again.

When we finally let go of this tiny drop, it'll seep into the Dark Side,
resuming everything that was once stopped. [2]

Normal Mode Rules & Requirements

Level Required Adventurer Fame.png Adventurer Fame Fatigue Points Consumed Daily/Weekly Entry Count
100 - 110 12,068+ 8 (Formerly 30) 2/2
  • Availability: Black Purgatory is opened all year round.
  • Weekly Entry/Clear Count: Once a day, twice a week. The extra entry is a holdover if you were disconnected or abandoned the content.
  • Quest Required: Complete Epic Quest Icon.png [Black Purgatory] Preparations for a Holy War to gain access to the Channel.
  • Player Amount: Can be entered with 2 - 4 Players, or done through Normal Solo/Guide/Squad.
  • Area Buff: The Gracia Family's Radiance is added only inside Destroyed Chest Town, and Victor's Radiance is included for classes who do not have a Neo: Awakening.
  • Players can speak with NPC Judy Ringwood to form a party, while Grandis on the right-hand side can initiate the mission once all preparations are completed.


  • Self-resurrection-related skills from Male Mage, Female Crusader & Knight cannot be used.
  • A 25-minute limit is applied upon starting Black Purgatory. If the timer reaches zero, you'll fail the mission and entry count will be replenished.
  • You can retry it as many times as you want within the time limit, so long as you stay in the same party.
  • Your used entry count will not be reset if you leave your party before failing or abandoning a mission.
  • 5 Life Token.png Life Tokens per-limit, and they do not refill upon retreating.
  • Puppet items are restricted from use in this content.
  • A recovery time is placed on the party when they've retreated from a dungeon and will increase upon doing this multiple times:
    • 1 Retreat - 5 seconds
    • 2 Retreats - 80 seconds (1:30)
    • 3 Retreats - 100 seconds (1:40)
    • 4 Retreats - 130 seconds (2:09)
    • 5 Retreats - 180 seconds (3:00)

Option Change System


Black Purgatory Weekly

Released in the July 2021's Season 6: Act 16 patch, Black Purgatory takes place after the events of Exile Mountains, where Roschest has now been destroyed and taken over by the Black Order, with their main objective is to bring forth a Second Black Crusade by reviving Apostle Ozma from Dark Side. Your goal is to traverse through Roschest's Outskirts along three different areas while battling Imposters, reach Horrendous Astaros at Chaos Gate and defeat her.


  • The overall map layout for Black Purgatory shares an identical arcade-scrolling mechanic that's seen in Operation: Hope. You'll first begin your mission in Outskirts of Roschest that acts like an intersection area, clearing out monsters per room and eventually encounter Black Order members in the form of mini-bosses such as Jade, Venta, and Onyx. Once they're defeated, you're given a fork in the road with three different choices in the intersection's end to decide on which route your party wants to enter first, as this dynamically alters the difficulty and rewards amount.
Level 1 (Easy) Level 2 (Normal) Level 3 (Hard) Level 4 (Hardest)
Take all three lower routes. Take two lower routes, one Dark Knight routes upward. Take one lower route, two Dark Knight routes upward. Take all three Dark Knight routes upward.
  • Level 1 is preferred for newly formed parties who wish to learn the content's mechanics without heavily altering its difficulty outside of Guide/Squad Mode, while offering the minimum rewards amount.
  • Level 2 is preferred towards parties who want a fairly balanced weekly run that offers a slightly increased amount of rewards and challenge.
  • Level 3 is preferred towards parties that are aiming for a more difficult challenge with not only an increase towards Named/Boss monster's HP, but a higher rewards amount in return.
  • For approaching Level 4, NPC Grandis will always be located next to a Dark Knight dungeon path, sending out a warning saying "That place before you is too dangerous." This is considered the content's Hardest Route. Not only does it offer the highest rewards amount available, but you'll be fighting all Named/Boss Monsters in their respective dungeons, and the difficulty itself will increase by one stage after defeating a Dark Knight, as this also gives monsters a major boost in stats, being only recommended for stronger parties who are aiming for a far tougher challenge.

Boss Intrusion

  • Whenever you've made a selection at a crossroads or rescue a APC, your chance of meeting an intruder in the selected area appears, whether it be a Dark Knight or Black Order Follower. That intruder has a lower HP threshold, and defeating them gives off their respective benefits to your party without altering the difficulty.

Dark Knights

  • Encountering and defeating Tiamat, Berias, or Timor in their respective dungeons will both increase the available rewards and dungeon difficulty by one level.

Black Order Followers

  • Defeating Sub-bosses such as Midnight's Darkness, Despero or Jett increases the party's over all attack, further increasing depending on how many were encountered. (+3%, 8%, or 25%) under Lemidios' Holy Fire, while Avenger & Mistress will receive Untainted Faith that is a cosmetic feature, but still functions the same way.

War Trader Posia

  • Upon reaching the third intersection before the Chaos Gate, a NPC Merchant named War Trader Posia is located at that area, and he'll sell dungeon-exclusive potions, repairs equipment and allows resetting the entire party's cooldowns that's only permitted to the Party Leader. He can be encountered once per run and the potions that were purchased expires during every weekly reset on Tuesday.

APC Rescue

  • There are a total of six APCs consisting of ether Priests or Knights that can be rescued, offering their own special abilities by pressing the TAB key that's only enabled during Black Order Followers of Dark Knight boss fights. If one or two APCs are saved, the 1st and 2nd party members hold onto those abilities. Some can be used either once or twice, depending on the effect and cooldown time:
    • Lightbringer Jenna - Can immediately cancel out monsters' patterns and put them in a groggy state.
    • Lightbringer Sera - Reduces oncoming damage by 25%.
    • Crusader Rina - Fully restores HP.
    • Inquisitor Lilia - Increases Damage Intensification by 25%.
    • Exorcist Sieg - Can slow down enemies by 70%, similar to Sirroco Raid's Bullet Time.
    • Crusader Ralph - Casts Fountain of Life.png Fountain of Life on allies.


  • Upon defeating Astaros, there's a chance she'll drop:
    • 1 Level 100 Guide of Wisdom Epic Equipment
    • 1 Level 100 Mythic Equipment
    • 1 Level 100 Product of Corruption Equipment Recipe

The following chest flip rewards will yield depending on the level that was taken:

Daily Version

After clearing Epic Quest Icon.png [Black Purgatory] Preparations for a Holy War, players can access a Daily version of Black Purgatory only available in Destroyed Roschest that are split into four dungeons with their own layouts and respective bosses alike.

Guide and Squad Mode

Added in August 2021's Season 6 - Act 18, Black Purgatory Guide and Squad Mode are easier and simplified versions of the original dungeon suited for solo play. In terms of Squad Mode, the player will be partnered with three Elite Members of their choosing.

Overall Adjustments

  • Guide and Squad mode are the same as the original but with some differences to it's gameplay.
  • Instead of a forked path that dynamically alters the difficulty of the dungeon, Black Purgatory's Guide and Squad mode is more streamlined with only a single path with no various changes in difficulty.
  • As a result, the kind of bosses you face are predetermined and changes daily. However, you will always face Horrendous Astaros as the final boss.
  • Only one APC can be rescued in Squad and Guide mode.
  • Amount of clear rewards decreased.
  • Option to reset skill cooldowns at the War Trader disabled.
  • The Lemidios' Holy Fire/Untained Faith Attack buffs are temporary, fading off after moving to another section.


Monster Adjustments

  • As expected of the Solo-only version of Black Purgatory, all monsters (Normal/Bosses) will have their stats and difficulty lowered and some movesets adjusted.
  • Defeating the Dark Knights will not increase the rewards or overall difficulty.
  • Despero the Pureblood:
    • The player is given both blue & green pulsating lines during I'll bury you.
    • Can be hit twice with Green Orbs generated during This is it!.
    • One circle can be stood on during Laughter.
  • Bloodlust Midnight's Darkness:
    • World of Red Dreams - Orbs can be pushed in twice per phase.
  • Horrendous Astaros:
    • Black & White Pentacles - One pentacle in either random color is generated.
    • Soul Gathering - Adjusted for solo play.

Guide/Squad Mode Rewards

  • Upon defeating Astaros, there's a chance she'll drop (at a lower rate):
    • 1 Level 100 Guide of Wisdom Epic Equipment
    • 1 Level 100 Mythic Equipment
    • 1 Level 100 Product of Corruption Equipment

Squad Mode Rewards


Dungeon Name Level
Los Chest Outskirts.png Outskirts of Roschest 100
Cemetery of Fear.png Graveyard of Terror 100
Paradise of Destruction.png Paradise of Ruin 100
Cradle of Despair.png Cradle of Despair 100

Scenario Only

Dungeon Name Level
Los Chest Outskirts2.png Outskirts of Roschest 100
Cemetery of Fear2.png Graveyard of Terror 100
Paradise of Destruction2.png Paradise of Ruin 100
Cradle of Despair2.png Cradle of Despair 100
Door of Chaos.png Chaos Gate 100


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