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Chaos Gate

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Chaos Gate
Door of Chaos.png
Location Destroyed Roschest
Min. Level 100
Level 100
Monster Level 135
End Boss No Icon.png Horrendous Astaros


The basin that's believed to have been the Dark Side sometimes emits an ominous light. This wasteland still reeks of blood after all these years since countless heroes died fighting here for the world's peace. The two pillars that stand soaring into the sky look like doors that connect to some unknown place.

Dungeon Info

  • Dungeon Entry Level: 100
  • Mode: Black Purgatory (Weekly)
  • Adventurer Fame: 10,815
  • Party Mode: Available



Weekly Rewards

You can get the following weekly clear rewards from this dungeon upon defeating Astaros:


  • This dungeon only appears in the Scenario and Weekly versions of Black Purgatory, and later a waiting area for Ozma of Chaos Raid.