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Horrendous Astaros

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Horrendous Astaros
Horrendous Astaros.png
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Imposter
Affiliation Black Order
Occupation Dark Knight Trio
Alias Pureblood Timor
Location Black Purgatory - Destroyed Los Chest
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Horrendous Astaros is one of Ozma's Three Dark Knights who represents Fear and was sealed away in Dark Side during the events surrounding Black Crusade against the Priest Order. She's also responsible for ambushing Nilvas Gracia that results in him becoming an Avenger.

In Season 6, Astaros returns as a primary antagonist by founding the Black Order and recruiting members who have received a Blood Curse.


Ozma of Chaos Raid Lore:

Come, Chaos.

As you wished, I revealed the truth about the Saint to the slaves of Light.

I watched as they grieved their loss, divided into factions, and tried desperately to cover up their embarrassment.

I led those who agonized over this truth and fell miserably.

Come, Chaos.

As you wished, I've organized a church for you.

I resurrected a girl whom I found dead in a quiet alley and made her your evangelist.

The slave of Light who agonized over the contradictions of his saint eventually turned away from Light,
submitted to the Ruin, and fulfilled his duty to us before he died

I gave the desperate boy a tiny bit of motivation, which was enough to pollute his mind.
Not long after that, he joined the Despair and became his loyal watchdog

The arrogant slave of Light who thought he was a savior himself voluntarily chose the path of corruption,
and eventually conquered the Ruin through his boundless ambition

I also gave new wings to the fallen one who lost his family to the divided slaves of Light.
His wings slaughtered hundreds and thousands of slaves of Light

Come, Chaos.

I've prepared everything you've wanted.

We're ready to color the world with chaos again.

Come, Chaos.


Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.

As an Enemy


Astaros originally made her first appearance in the Otherverse's Dark Side and later Time Gate's Black Crusade dungeons prior to their removal.

Black Purgatory

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Horrendous Astaros
Black Purgatory Astaros.gif

Astaros makes her second appearance as a final boss in Black Purgatory inside Chaos Gate.

Move Set

  • All Portals:
    • Claw Slash: An extended callback to her Dark Side pattern where she'll dash in a front line, performing a triple combo with her claws and ends it with a backflip kick.
    • Blue Orbs: Astaros creates numerous blue orbs across the map that deals AoE-wide damage up dropping down.
    • Flames of Death: She'll launch a dark flame projectile on the ground that makes anyone stop whoever comes into contact.
    • Terror is Approaching: Acting very identical to Silvery Harbart's Blue Circle from Tayberrs, Astaros forms a large blue circle underneath her, then a orb above will start attacking one player. To successfully clear this pattern, everyone must gather above the 12 'o clock section and then dodge the orb's shooting by going in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion until the pattern ends. Stepping out of the circle results in a party-wipe.
  • Dimensional Gate: Astaros' main pattern. Sometime after entering her boss room, she'll randomly enter one of four portals that's featured with their own attacks depending on the portal itself. All party members must follow her immediately before a wave of dark flames spreads across the map, instantly killing anyone who did not reach a portal:
  • Despair Portal:
    • Black & White Pentacles: Similar to Leste's Sun & Moon Sword pattern, Astaros will summon Black or White pentacles around numerous weapons that are planted on the ground, also giving them small pentacles as well. Everyone is required to hit the weapons to change it's pentacle colors to the matching large one (I.E White or Black weapons with White/Black Pentacles) and if done correctly, that circle disappears thus cancelling out the pattern. Failure results in Astaros summoning the weapons to attack players.
  • Destruction Portal:
    • Covered in Darkness: Astaros summons four Green Destructive Ghosts with a pulsing circle below them that'll spread darkness across the room into various small flames which chases after players. To prevent being damaged, everyone needs to stay close and get together to the middle section and once those flames start to fly up and shooting around, find a safe-zone is where the flames originated from and stay there until the pattern ends.
    • Aim the Flames: She'll place a circle around herself along with Blue Flames scattered across the map. Then she'll begin chasing after the party member who has either Red Ghost Flames or Yellow circle beneath them, which also has Astaros' circle move around as well. The main goal is to lure Astaros towards those Blue Flames and have her attack it once there is a Yellow circle underneath it that extinguishes the flame itself. If all the blue flames are destroyed, this gives Astaros a short groggy time.
  • Terror Portal:
    • Dark Shockwave: She'll attempt to pull in everyone by charging up for an attack. Once she is done charging, Astaros unleashes a AoE shockwave below. There is a Tombstone from the Graveyard of Terror maps that'll appear and players can jump into it to be frozen for small period of time as a safe-zone avoiding that shockwave.
    • Soul Gathering: Astaros captures one random party member in the middle section by attempting to absorb their blood. That chosen member must prevent a progress bar above them from increasing by mashing keys to keep it down. Meanwhile, Green Souls will start floating towards both the captured member and Astaros. To clear this pattern without casualties, the three party members who weren't captured must keep those souls away by hitting them that switches their color to Red, and they'll begin chasing the player who hit them, thus they need to avoid being touched by the Red Souls.


  • Astaros' fight is not only an updated version of her Otherverse encounter, but she is much more dangerous than either Berias or Tiamat with how many patterns she wields throughout the fight.
  • Soul Gathering is perhaps one of the most difficult patterns as not only do you and party members have to prevent the Green Souls from going near a captured teammate, but keeping the Red Souls away from hitting you as well as this can result in a party-wipe.
  • The order that Astaros goes during Aim the Flames functions going from (Red -> Red -> Yellow), meaning that either you or teammates should be able to have her move the circle where those Red Ghost Flames landed twice and then lure her into a Blue Flame whenever the Yellow Circle spawns underneath.
  • When Black & White Pentacles starts up, classes such as Asura or Female Nen Master should disable their respective passives to prevent any mishaps when matching weapon pentacle colors.
  • Despite Astaros barely having any groggy procs, APC Lightbringer Jenna is the only one who can fully interrupt Astaros' patterns and put her in a fully groggy state.
  • Depending on the strength of your party members, Black Purgatory's route chosen and alongside obtaining specific buffs through rescued APCs or defeated Black Order Followers, most opt to either brute force Astaros by having Crusader/Enchantress to deploy their Apocalypse (Male Crusader).png Apocalypse/Final Judgment.png Final Judgment, Crux of Victoria.png Crux of Victoria/Laus di Angelus.png Laus di Angelus, Marionette (Enchantress).png Marionette/Curtain Call.png Curtain Call and burst her down when she either performs Dimensional Gate or any frustrating patterns, though Level 4 may take some time due to her vastly increased health.



  • "Finally, I can see Him again soon... (Encounter)

Dimensional Gate

  • "Just stay put and watch." / as a new world unfolds itself." (On cast)

Terror is Approaching

  • "Terror will slowly creep upon you." (On cast)

Black & White Pentacles

  • "You won't breathe much longer... I'll make sure of it!"

Blue Orbs

  • "You won't leave here alive!"

Soul Gathering

  • "Hear those fiends screaming?"

Ozma Raid

Astaros makes her third appearance as the one of the bosses of Ozma of Chaos Raid as Dark Horrendous Astaros.




Dark SideBlack Puragtory Ozma Raid


Astaros's original design

Astaros's original design with censored chest

Astaros in Black Purgatory

Black Purgatory Astaros Concept Art

Astaros as Pureblood Timor

Astaros in Ozma Raid


Astaros's Face Close Up

Astaros as Timor

Astaros revealing her true form

Astaros in Black Purgatory

Astaros in Ozma Raid

Astaros looking over Kazan's coffin


Voice Lines:


  • Astaros is a misspelling of Astaroth, the goetic demon and the Great Duke of Hell.
  • She happens to share a few similarites with DIO, a main antagonist from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 1 & 3 in which:
    • They both have the ability to stop time.
    • Is an arch-nemesis to a family bloodline.