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Ozma of Chaos

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Ozma of Chaos
Portrait-Ozma of Chaos.png
Age 42 (at the time of death)
Sex Male
Race Human (Former)
Affiliation Pelos Empire (Former)
Legion of Darkness
Apostles of Pandemonium
Occupation Pelos Empire Court Magician (Former)
God of Chaos
Eleventh Apostle
Alias The One Who Resurrected

Foreign Names:
혼돈의 오즈마

Location Dark Side
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Kazan... Will you become the God of Destruction? Then I will become the God of Chaos.

Also known as "The One Who Resurrected." The Eleventh Apostle and boss of Dark Side, Ozma remains sealed in the Otherverse after having lost the Black Crusade. While trapped, Ozma readies a new army of Impostors to wage another Crusade against Arad when he escapes from his dimensional prison.


Neople-logo.png This part of the current article contains spoilers.
Ozma and Kazan as national heroes

More than 800 years prior to the events of the story, Ozma was once known as the greatest wizard in the Pelos Empire. In Arad Year 152, he and his friend, Pelos General Kazan, saved the world by killing the Berserk Dragon Hismar, ending his 52 year long reign of terror. The two individuals were regarded as national heroes and their strength helped bring the Pelos Empire to the peak of its power.

However as years passed, the Pelos Emperor grew paranoid and wary of their fame, believing that their power would eventually rival his own and cause him to be overthrown. It was during this time, a mysterious hooded individual arrived, and informed the Emperor of a prophecy which foretold the eminent destruction of the empire. In an attempt to avoid fate, the Emperor orchestrated a conspiracy to get rid of both Ozma and Kazan, but in doing so, sealed the Empire's demise.

In Arad Year 157, the Emperor framed Kazan for treason and sent Ozma to pursue him. While the two fought each other and became weakened, the Emperor sent another group of soldiers to capture and subdue them. The two individuals were both framed for treason, imprisoned, and tortured. The Emperor was dead set on making the two individuals lose everything. He ordered the execution of Kazan and Ozma's families as well as taking Ozma's wife Liz as a member of his concubines.

Ozma meets the Reaper

While imprisoned, Ozma felt a great betrayal for his services to the Empire and became disgusted upon seeing how quickly the people were swayed into believing the Emperor's conspiracy. As he thought to himself awaiting his eventual execution, his thoughts ventured down a dark path. Ozma had devoted himself to getting revenge and the eradication of humankind. He would bring upon the world the same sense of betrayal he experienced and let chaos reign supreme. But he had no way to do so...

It was around this time, Ozma was visited by an emissary of death, a reaper, who promised him the power he wanted in exchange for his soul. At first, Ozma turned down his offer, attempting to drive the reaper away. But as time passed, his desperation and insanity grew. Upon his execution, as he was thrown into the South Sea to die, the reaper appeared before him again and Ozma accepted his proposal. It was then, the once great wizard Ozma had died, and had given way to the newly resurrected God of Chaos.

Ozma leading his Army of Darkness

One year later, Ozma initiated his plan and began assembling his Army of Darkness. He searched for his old friend Kazan, finding the exiled, disgraced general wandering aimlessly in the Stru Mountains barely clinging to life. Acknowledging their past friendship, Ozma released Kazan from his human form and offered him an opportunity to join his Army of Darkness. Having given up on humanity, Kazan refused his offer and the two parted ways. Kazan became the God of Destruction wandering aimlessly around the Arad Continent spreading his Kazan Syndrome while Ozma became the God of Chaos spreading his Curse of Blood and continued his pursuit to create his Army of Darkness to wipe out humanity.

Through Ozma's efforts, creatures known as Imposters began showing up in Arad. These beings were former humans who fell victim to the Curse of Blood, and were monsters that disguised themselves as humans with an insatiable bloodlust. Those who were attacked by Imposters also became Imposters. Because the Imposters were not distinguishable from normal people by the way they look, it created mistrust and witch hunts within the populace; descending the continent of Arad into chaos. Around Arad Year 211, a group of individuals known as priests began combating the growing number of Imposters and would eventually grow into a major organization. However, during these years, Ozma kept himself hidden as he amassed his Army of Darkness. It wouldn't be until Arad Year 252 when Ozma finally reappears to lead his Imposter Army.

Ozma being sealed away

One year later, Ozma and his Army of Darkness were challenged by a group known as the Priest Order, led by Michael of the Holy Eye, in an almost century-long struggle known as the Black Crusade. In Arad Year 347, Ozma's army became cornered in an area known as Dark Side, where he and his army were defeated and sealed in another dimension, ending the 94 year war. Although Ozma had failed in his campaign to destroy humankind, he succeeded in getting revenge against his perpetrators, and led to the destruction of the once great Pelos Empire.

While trapped, Ozma readied a new army of Imposters to wage another war upon Arad for when he would eventually escape from his dimensional prison. But he was not alone; trapped along with him was the Priest General, Michael of the Holy Eye. For centuries, the two individuals constantly clashed with one another, unable to kill each other. It wouldn't be until Arad Year 993, when the seal on dimension prison weakened, could Ozma begin sending small portions of his army, Chaos Demons, back into Arad.

Around Arad Year 1002, the Priest Order upon investigating the Chaos Demon phenomenon had discovered a demon stronghold in the Otherverse. It was at this time, his longtime adversary, Michael, had met his end to a group of adventurers exploring the Interdimensional Rift. With now nothing holding him back, Ozma prepared his army for war. However, before he could leave his dimensional prison, he was stopped by the same group of adventurers. Although he was greatly weakened from his centuries long struggle with Michael, Ozma fought against the adventurers and met his inevitable end.

Although the Priest Order and the people of Arad celebrated the death of Ozma, heavy residual effects remained. In their blind pursuit to vanquish evil, they had caused the deaths of two more Apostles, bringing Hilder's plan two steps closer into fruition. Unbeknownst to them, the inevitable destruction of Arad, loomed ever so near...






  • "Kazan! My friend. Remember! It's not over yet! You must survive! I will surely find you! Kazan, Kazan!"
  • "Am I the villain or are you?"
  • "See what loathesome creatures you truly are."
  • "Let chaos reign supreme!"
  • "Ahh, this brings back memories... You did not have to come all this way you know. I was on my way to find all of you, I assure you. I suppose I should thank you for saving me the effort..." ~ Ozma confronting the Adventurers
  • "You have done me quite a service, killing Michael as you did. As a token of my gratitude, if you leave now, I will not kill you. Oh my, you have that defiant look in your eyes. Just remember... I gave you a chance." ~ Ozma confronting the Adventurers again
  • "In the end... I wonder... was Michael right about me? Does my death hasten the end of your world...? Answer me, Michael...!! Kazan... Ah, Kazan... This is hardly fair... You are the only one who could understand me... No... Not... Like this...! Please... do not take me like this...!! Kazan..." ~ Ozma defeated by the Adventurers Ozma's final words.

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As an Enemy (Dark Side)

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Ozma of Chaos
Ozma of Chaos.gif

Prior to it's removal in Season 6, Ozma originally made his first appearance as the end boss of Dark Side during the Otherverse dungeon.

Move List

  • Ozma sends out slow moving dark fireball projectiles to hit players.
  • If a player stands in the same place for more than 1~2 seconds, Ozma summons a small pillar of dark flame under him/her that deals large multi-hit damage and hitstun to players upon contact. Inflicts confusion and slow.
  • Cloak of Darkness: Causes Ozma to be immune to damage. Can be taken away temporarily after being hit by multiple attacks, causing Ozma to be susceptible to damage.
  • Aura of Betrayal: Ozma sends out a pillar of dark energy transforming one of the four players into Skewer. During this phase, all party members attacks and skills harm one another while in the betrayal state. The Skewer player must attack the other party members with the Aura of Betrayal skill (default hotkey: S) to lift the curse.
  • Dimensional Breakaway: Ozma sends out a pillar of dark energy transforming one of the four players into a Sawtooth. During this phase, Ozma will constantly teleport players around the map. The Sawtooth player must cast Space Restoration skill (default hotkey: S) near Ozma multiple times to lift the curse.
  • Exchanging Sights:Ozma sends out a pillar of dark energy transforming two party members into a Scissorhands and Finthers, respectively. During this phase, players will be blinded and have obstructed vision. The Scissorhands player must cast Exchange Sights skill (Default hotkey: S) to remove the blind and obstructed vision. The Finthers player can instantly remove Cloak of Darkness with the special skill (Default hotkey: A).


  • Gimmick: Ozma is immune to damage until his Cloak of Darkness is temporarily disabled. Ozma will be in an immobilized super armor state when vulnerable. Using any grabbing moves or immobilizing moves will renew his Cloak of Darkness.
  • Gimmick: Ozma can transform all party members into the four different types of monsters located in Black Crusade and Dark Side. Depending on which monster the player turns into he/she has a role that needs to be fulfilled to prevent the other party members from taking damage depending on if Ozma casts Aura of Betrayal, Dimensional Breakaway, or Exchanging Sights.
  • Be aware of each monster's role and that monsters and teammates can attack one another. Team communication and using each monster's skill at the right time are the keys to success, otherwise the all party members will suffer from the persistent effects after the phase is over and take unnecessary damage.


Priest weapons

As an Enemy (Ozma Raid)

Phase 1 Move Set

Phase 2 Move Set





  • The name Ozma is of Scandinavian origins given to girls that means God's Protection.
  • His overall character motif takes inspiration from Vlad Tepes Dracula, the primary antagonist of the Castlevania franchise and shares a few similarites to the Vampire Lord in which:
    • They both originally started off as human in their past lives.
    • Turned against all of humanity after losing a loved one.
    • Both are incarnations of Chaos.
  • He is featured through Ruination: The Path to Hell Set's flavor text on each set piece.
  • His You be the God of Destruction; I'll be the God of Chaos line appears in Black Shrine's Chamber of Secrets upon meeting certain requirements.
  • His attire first appeared in costume form for the Male Fighter in Apostle's Descendant Avatars, then later Advent of Apostles for Male Gunner & Male Mage.
  • The 1st Phase boss fight in Ozma Raid functions like Urizen's from Devil May Cry 5 where he's on his thone protected by a floating crystal, while Phase 2 is almost identical with Deimos in Capcom's Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom.



Ozma as a boss in Dark Side Ozma's Phase 1 appearance in his raid Ozma's Phase 2 appearance Ozma as a human


Ozma portrayed in The Will of Fighters Comic

Ozma's Full Body Portrait

Ozma upon his throne



Ozma as a human

Ozma in his second phase