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Age 28
Sex Male
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Demonic Lancer trainer
Alias N/A
Location Hendon Myre Back-alley

Leno is a trainer for the Demonic Lancer, located in the back alleys of Hendon Myre


  • Quest Giver.



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  • Demonic Lancers can take the power of another person who has a Demonic Lance. In other words, Sirocco's power has that kind of capability. If it didn't, so many children who were selected to be Demonic Lancers wouldn't have died. However, many did survive because of that same power, including myself. Isn't it funny? Haha... ...Yep. Not funny at all.
  • It's boring doing nothing all day. Maybe I should go on a journey too... fighting against powerful monsters must be thrilling, right? I am jealous.
  • The four weapon masters who defeated Sirocco are known to have saved the world. However, I am not going to blindly pay my respect to them just because everyone else is. It just doesn't feel right. They gained honor by defeating Sirocco. But you have to understand that there were people negatively affected by Sirocco's death. ...Sorry, if this all sounds like nonsense. I am just telling you what I think.
  • There are many who have lost going up against the Empire. The lucky ones end up being subjugated and become slaves of the Empire. I know of their plight. However, if they cross my path, they are my enemies. There is no mercy in battle.


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