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Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

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Age Around 12
Sex Male
Race Pandemonian
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Slave
Alias N/A
Location Black Market


Cobb is found by the adventurer on the outskirts of Central Park. At the time, he did not have a name, until Pai gave him the name Cobb. Despite willing to continue being a slave for the Adventurer, he was surprised by their compassion and utterly confused by his actions. Unable to understand why the Adventurer wanted to not only free the slaves but find a safe place for them, it was only until being rescued once more he began to understand the kind of person the Adventurer was.

Cobb grew up in Harlem as a slave. He knows nothing about his lineage. He never received a proper education, so he lets his survival instinct and deep-rooted slave conditioning guide him. He is not above acting cowardly if need be, but he still has his sense of justice and loyalty, as well as an innocence that matches his age.

He eventually dies from wounds caused by the host inhabited by Ricardo, and was later buried by Pai after his body was brought back by the Adventurer.


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