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DelilahIcon.png Delilah
Age Unknown
Sex Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Traveling Merchant; Equipment Repair
Alias N/A
Location Dungeon Rest Stop
Foreign Name(s) N/A
Likeability N/A

Delilah is a traveling merchant. High-spirited and energetic, she is always out in the treacherous fields of Arad and greeting exhausted Dungeon Fighters with her hearty chuckles and Warrior's Cry Potion.png Warrior's Cry Potions. The source of her superhuman work ethic is only to be speculated.



Delilah Shop

Item Level Binding Cost
Warrior's Cry Potion.png Warrior's Cry Potion 3 20 Clear Cube Fragment.png Clear Cube Fragment



  • Hello. (Unused)
  • Leaving already? (Unused)

Conversation start

  • Haha. So good to see you.
  • Why don't you have a look at what I got?

Conversation end

  • Don't get lost in the forest.
  • Hope to see you again!



Old Delilah Avatar Expressions.png


Old Delilah NPC Current Default Summer Halloween Christmas Lunar Festival