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Location Shonan
Level Requirement Level 84
NPCs Bai Ming, Jiu Long
Areas Mt. Kulun
City of Shonan

Kulundal is a town located at the entrance of Mt. Kulun and is known for producing the gilt-edged Nen wielders in Suju. After the town was built at the order of King Pyrukan, it served as a starting point for novices. Players can travel to Kulundal via the gate located to the left of NPC Woo, the Royal Messenger in the Suju Forge Path at Level 84.


""Bai Ming's messenger wishes to meet with the Queen." Aska's face was grimed as she listened to what the messenger had to say. The horrendous news that the messenger brought was strong enough to embed the entire Suju with fear.

Aska quickly stood up and issued out an order. "Immediately, let all of Suju know of the decree issued by the king and dispatch messengers to the surrounding nations! Let them know of the incursion on the Natram's Sanctum and request to recruit all skilled Nen wielders in each region. A messenger of each region shall deliver the following message to bordering nations: Honor our ally agreement and aid us as best as you can." "Also, immediately form a squad with adept soldiers above commander level and dispatch them to Mt. Kulun urgently. Bai Ming shall be named the General of the battalion, so please let him take command when the regiment arrives in Mt. Kulun. Bai Ming must closely observe the situation but refrain from entering the Sanctum before the arrival of the squad!"

The Queen commanded in a noble manner and without hesitation. But her face was undoubtedly covered in shadows of uncertainty and distress."

Map of Kulundal


Portrait Name Occupation Location
Mt. Kulun Guardian Bai Ming Mt. Kulun Guardian Bai Ming Mt. Kulun Limited Quest Giver, Mt. Kulun Rewards Merchant Kulundal
Nen Sage Jiu Long Nen Sage Jiu Long Mt. Kulun Limited Quest Giver Kulundal
Shinjang Shinjang Exorcist, Archpriest Entrance to Mt. Kulun

Mt. Kulun (Obsolete)

Mt. Kulun was the dungeon area in Kulundal. Players must be level 84 to enter this area. These dungeons span from level 84 to 87. As of the Season 7: Act.01 - The Next Journey patch, this was removed from the Global Client.

The Watchers of Natram.png
Twin Golem's Betrayal.png
Sanctum of Kulunchad.png
Mt. Kulun Locations.png