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The Watchers of Natram

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The Watchers of Natram
The Watchers of Natram.png
Location Mt. Kulun
Min. Level 84
Level 84-87
Monster Level 87
End Boss Icon-Dragon Stone.png Dragon Stone


Natram, who took over Sanctum in Mt. Kulun, ordered his evil creatures to to protect the entrance of the mountain. He also ordered Icon-Blaze Stone.png Blaze Stone to make an image of himself to block the entrance of the cave to the Sanctum. Natram infused his power into the completed golem and a strong creature was born: it was called Icon-Dragon Stone.png Dragon Stone. In order to enter the Sanctum, you must defeat the Watchers of Natram.


  • A bar appears above the HUD upon entering the dungeon. This indicates the dungeon reward, Unrefined Nen Crystals. The bar is initially fully black and will deplete from right to left. Once this bar has depleted (After 1 minute and 40 seconds), the second blue bar will deplete, indicating that the boss is consuming Unrefined Nen Crystals. Any time taken after this will reduce the Unrefined Nen Crystals the boss will drop (as indicated by the numbers on the bar). A maximum of 10 Unrefined Nen Crystals can be looted, and thus it is recommended to finish this dungeon as quickly as possible (i.e. before 1:40) to receive the highest reward.
  • In rooms B1, C1, and D1, there are colored dragon statues. The colors are associated with elemental damage weapon enchantment.
    • Red for Fire
    • Blue for Water
    • Yellow for Light
    • Purple for Shadow
    • White/Gray/Silver gives Attack and Movement Speed
  • Breaking an elemental statue will provide a buff circle with an "Inflict X Damage" enchantment and cumulative "+50 X Damage" where X is the element of the statue.
    • Taking the aura of a different element will overwrite the enchantment.
  • Upon entering any one of these rooms, a notification appears denoting a specific element that the Dragon Statue has chosen. Therefore, the opposite of the said element will be the element that the statue is weak to and will have the lowest resistance to.
  • Note that classes whose skills have a natural element, like Nen Master who deal light damage, will be unable to take advantage of the elemental buff other than for their natural element. This does not apply to a class that normally deals neutral damage and is gaining an element somehow (weapon enchant, cube contract, etc.)
    • It is then recommended to ignore the notification and always take the statue for your natural element if you have one, and otherwise pick the statue with the opposite of the element notification.
  • When you pick up the enchantment, it deactivates the rest of the statues.
  • When you enter the statue rooms, all the baby dragons will begin casting. If all the dragons are not interrupted or killed, or a statue buff is not picked up before a cast bar fills, all dragons that successfully finished casting will absorb the power of the statues, becoming larger and stronger and deactivating all of the statues, preventing you from picking up a buff.

Boss Fight

The Dragon Stone begins with a barrier that drastically reduces all damage he takes. Once you remove a certain percent of his health, this barrier will break and reveal the core of the statue and his true elemental resistances, as well as increase the damage he takes otherwise (It is possible to burst him before the shield breaks). The statue has two attack patterns according to whether the barrier is up or not.

Barrier pattern attacks:

  • Summons fire explosions under the players. The ground is marked for a few moments before the explosion occurs.
  • Creates a summoning circle on the left side of the room. This circle will constantly create Baby fire and ice dragons but only 2 will be up at a time. In addition a Nen Dragon will appear. The Nen Dragon cannot be attacked and has various attacks designed to delay you. He can hold you with his sword, cause confusion and stun, and use a shield bash. All these disappear once the barrier goes down.

Cracked pattern attacks:

  • Summons fire explosions like before.
  • The Nen dragon will periodically appear and attack with a freezing attack. If it lands, the Dragon Stone will attempt to teleport the player to the left side of the room and then will summon statues to block the way to the Dragon Stone. These can be destroyed by attacking them.
  • Fires out two or three orbs into the ground. After a moment these explode in a fashion similar to Asura's Fire Wave Sword.png Fire Wave Sword. Players should be able to position themselves between the explosions to avoid damage.
  • A text notification will appear and shortly after, the statue will knock anyone nearby backwards. Anyone knocked back will be speared by spikes that appear from the ground and have a bleed applied. This can be avoided by using super armor or a Guard move or jumping with good timing to avoid the knockback.


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Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue: