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Category:Mt. Kulun Dungeons

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Mt. Kulun
Location Kulundal
Min. Level 84
Level 84-87
Monster Level 84-87
End Boss Icon-Giant Dragon Natram.png Giant Dragon Natram
Map of Mt. Kulun
Loading Screen of The Watchers of Natram
Loading Screen of Twin Golem's Betrayal
Loading Screen of Sanctum of Kulunchad

Mt. Kulun is a mountain which represents the Suju. Nen energy strongly radiates across and is known as the famous training place for Nen wielders. It is known as the 'producing area of Nen Stones.'

Accessed from Kulundal in Shonan. Players must be at least Level 84 in order to enter the dungeons.


"Natram, one of the few Great Dragons who survived the Dragon's War. Many see it as that they survived, but it is different from the truth. Natram, who longed for Bakal, strongly wanted to be part of his army. But Bakal did not accept Natram because he has yet to be matured for the war. So, Natram hid himself after hearing the vanquishment of his kind.

However, Natram had no reason to hide after he had fully matured. In order to regain the glory of Bakal, Natram set his sight upon Sanctum of Kulunchad to develop his powers. He coerced the Twin Golems of Kulun to come under his wings. Unlike the Frozen Stone who heavily resisted, Blaze Stone came under the wings of Natram without hesitation. Although he only succeeded to persuade one of the golems, Blaze Stone was a strong and trustworthy subordinate. So he left everything to Blaze Stone and entered into Kulunchad.

Now, the challenge to take over Sanctum of Kulunchad and break the ambition of Natram shall begin."


Dungeon Name Level
The Watchers of Natram.png The Watchers of Natram 84-87
Twin Golem's Betrayal.png Twin Golem's Betrayal 84-87
Sanctum of Kulunchad.png Sanctum of Kulunchad 84-87

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