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Noble Sky.png
Location Noblesky
Min. Level 85
Level 85-100
Monster Level 85-100
End Boss Icon-Anton's Heart (Monster).png Anton's Heart
Anton Map
Anton Loading Screen
Anton Raid Map
Anton Raid Status Screen


Flame Eater Anton is the 7th Apostle, and serves as a Level 85 dungeon area. It is accessible from Noblesky, succeeding the Power Station and preceding the Castle of the Dead. Its normal dungeons are among some of the most challenging dungeons and require careful coordination and skillful play to clear. The dungeon is meant to cleared in sequential order, starting from Source of the Black Smoke and ending at Black Volcano.

Bosses within the dungeons drop Antonium.png Antonium, which can be used to purchase Legendary Equipment and beads from Woon Lyonir or Tammy Lohengrin.

Anton Raid would originally make it's debut in September 2016's Attack on Anton, and a Heroic version arrived in December of the same year, until it was removed and merged within Anton Normal during Season IV: The Origin.

As of June 2019's Season 5 Act: 03 - Operation: Hope, Anton Raid along with it's Solo and Normal Mode content were officially removed from the Global Client and replaced with Anton Subjugation.

In September 2020, the former Raid came back as a temporary event called Neo: Anton Raid that's adjusted for the Level 100 cap with newer rewards.

Raid (Obsolete)

Upon completion of Side Quest Icon.png [Anton Raid] Anton in Another Dimension, players gain access to Anton Raid, which is a significantly more difficult version of the normal dungeons and are considered some of the toughest dungeons in the game. It is meant to be cleared with up to 5 parties of 4, or 20 players in total, though in practice it is usually either 4 parties ("4Drone") or 2 parties ("2Drone"). The dungeons within also posses a health bar, which must be kept low by clearing the dungeon in order to efficiently clear the Raid.

A single player can create a Raid Group by speaking to Hiram Klauf while in the Raid Channel. The Raid leader is able to organize their raid's parties before the start of the raid and are responsible for coordinating their parties' objectives.

Entrance Requirement

Phase 1

Upon initiating the Raid by the Raid Leader, Phase 1 will begin. At this point, the only accessible dungeon will be Source of the Black Smoke. This dungeon must be cleared 4 times across the entire raid group to gain access to the other dungeons within Phase 1. In a "4Drone" raid, typically each party will clear Source of the Black Smoke once, while in a "2Drone" raid, each party will clear it twice.

Upon 4 clears, Durable Leg A and B, Shaking Battleground A and B, and Naval Cannon Defense will be opened. The objective is to cripple Anton's legs, meaning the Raid must clear Durable Leg A and B two times each. Meanwhile, parties can also clear Source of the Black Smoke, Shaking Battlegrounds A and B, and Naval Cannon Defense to prevent harmful events from occurring during the Durable Leg dungeon. In practice, usually only the two Durable Leg dungeons are cleared unless a party is struggling to clear it. In this case, the party will typically clear Shaking Battleground A or B, and a different party will clear Durable Leg twice. Upon successfully damaging Anton's legs, Phase 2 will initiate.


Upon completion of Phase 1, all players will receive two random rewards via card flips.

  • The first card will yield 30 Fateful Determination.png Fateful Determinations
  • The second card will yield 19-24 Condensed Antonium.png Condensed Antoniums
  • The second card will occasionally also yield one of the following:
    • 1
    • 1 Anton Dungeon Monster Card

Phase 2

Upon entering Phase 2, Black Volcano and Cutting Off the Energy become accessible. In order to complete Phase 2, one party must clear Black Volcano, which in turn unlocks Anton's Heart, which must be cleared five times across the entire Raid. However, Black Volcano is initially protected by a barrier, which is diminished as players complete Cutting Off the Energy. After 2 minutes have passed since the start of Phase 2, only 3 of the 4 Hatcheries (First Hatchery, Second Hatchery, Third Hatchery, and Fourth Hatchery) will open. The hatcheries area accessed by entering Cutting Off the Energy, defeating Tolmer in the room to the left of the entrance, and going to one corner of the map to enter the "hidden area". The hatchery entrances are located starting at First Hatchery in the NE corner, with the Second, Third, and Fourth Hatcheries in the following corners clockwise. Typically each non-Black Volcano party clears one hatchery. If the Hatchery dungeons are not cleared within the specified time limit, harmful events will occur within Black Volcano which can harm the Raid's progression. Additionally, for each Hatchery not cleared by another party in the Raid Group, the Black Volcano party will need to do another round of Omnipotent Mateka's "orb phase".


Upon completion of Phase 2, all players will receive two random rewards via card flips.

Solo Raid (Obsolete)

In late May 2018, Anton Solo Raid was introduced. The raid can only be completed as a single player, and the enemies and gimmicks are adjusted accordingly to be appropriate for a single player.

A player can create a Solo Raid Group by speaking to Hiram Klauf while in the Raid Channel. The Raid can then be initiated by speaking to Jakter the Eagle Eye when the entrance requirements are fulfilled.

Solo Anton Raid counts toward the limit of 2 Anton raids per character per week, and 1 Anton raid per character per day.

Entrance Requirement

Solo Raid Adjustments


Different dungeons are encountered depending on the day of the week:

Additionally, the named monsters encountered in Cutting Off the Energy vary by day of the week:




The soldiers stood there in shock as heavy rain poured down on them. It was a moment of disbelief as the land and mountains trembled. Boom! The loud sound that came from afar, felt like it could shatter all the bones in a human body. Then they realized it was the sound of Anton’s blood moving through his veins. Hopelessness fell before the soldiers who witnessed Anton’s massive form rising from the ground. Of course, this was not the first time they saw Anton move. However, they have merely seen a twitching of a finger or a turning of the head to breathe out fire, until now.

Boom! The deafening sound could easily have popped out an ear drum and make a brave man go insane. Those who say that there is nothing to fear but fear itself clearly have not seen Anton. The weapons the soldiers carried felt insignificant compared to the size of Anton and just seeing it stretch can bring chills down a man’s spine. How can anyone possibly fight against this behemoth? No amount of courage and determination seemed enough.

Boom! All the surrounding area was filled with sound but everything seemed silent at the same time. It was like the silence at the end of a sword or an overfilled balloon that is about to explode. Yet, in that near climactic moment, a man spit and cursed out loud.

“Trying to lift your heavy ass? Hah! Stop trying so hard!!!”

He definitely wasn’t faking it. He sounded more irritated than anything else. Like a person frustrated at his loud and noisy neighbor. This was enough to lift the tense atmosphere around the soldiers. It wasn’t something that anyone could just do. This was only possible because he was Jakter the Eagle Eye, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Army and standing silently beside him is his loyal and trusted young adjutant, Lieutenant Woon Lyonir.

“It looks like Anton has started moving. Thank the heavens! If he didn’t, I would have died of boredom” he said.

A man with long silver hair walked up to Jakter and giggled.

“Ah Hiram what have you got there?” asked Jakter.

Hiram is an Empyrean Coast Guard Captain who volunteered to be part of this mission. He flicked his hair back and spread the blueprint he was carrying in front of Jakter.

“This is just in, it’s not perfect but it may just work” replied Hiram.

“Then I will leave it to you Captain. Please discuss it over with Naen on when to use it and let me know immediately after you have decided” said Jakter. “Oh! I just received a report that the upgrade work on the ship has been finished. Please go check it right away”

“Yes, sir!” replied Hiram.

After giving out his orders, Jakter took a walk not minding the rain that is becoming heavier and heavier. His thoughts were filled with what has already happened and what was about to transpire. His adjutant followed closely.

Woon had wanted to give an umbrella to the Commander but knowing his temper, the young Lieutenant stayed silent and thought “Damn it old man, are you just going to get yourself drenched in all this rain?”

As Jakter kept walking, a middle age man with a brown umbrella stepped in front of him.

“Oh sir Jurgen, why haven’t you left yet?” asked Jakter.

“Although I may not be of much help, I’m still a member of a Noble family. I cannot simply runaway when the enemy is right before us” replied Jurgen.

“You’ve already shown your loyalty by allowing us to use your ship in this mission. So please head back and let the army handle the rest” said Jakter.

“Actually, I have a request” replied Jurgen “I would like to come along with you, when you head out to sea to pursue Anton”

Jakter frowned and said “This is not a game”

“I know this task is of the highest importance. This is why I’m asking you to take me along. I simply cannot allow the ship I gave you to breakdown while pursuing Anton. I would feel terrible, I can’t let such a thing happen. So please let me come with you, I know that ship like the back of my hand” pleaded Jurgen.

Jakter knew this was not an ordinary request. The ship was never formally taken under the Army’s authority but rather it was lent to them and since Jurgen is a nobleman of the Empire, he keeps full authority over it. Besides, Jurgen’s presence in the ship should not affect the overall mission objective. So he thought he didn’t have any reason to stop him. Jakter stared intensely at Jurgen and shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m not sure army meals would fit a nobleman’s tastes but do as you wish” said Jakter.

“Thank you. I will head back and prepare for the voyage. I will see you on the ship” replied Jurgen, as he bowed politely and left.

As Jakter watched Jurgen get further and further away. He turned to his adjutant and angrily shouted. “Why you little… Why do you always keep your mouth shut at a time like this? You always voice your opinions but when a nobleman pressures your commanding officer, you stay quiet. You could have said something… like ‘Please stop with your absurd request’ and then I could have replied with something like ‘Ha ha, sorry about his rudeness but the young man is right, the battlefield is no place for a civilian”

“Since I do not have any experience when it comes to politics, I thought watching a seasoned officer do his thing would prove to be a learning experience” replied Woon.

Jakter sighed as he looked at his cool and composed adjutant.

“What can I say… my orders can get people killed, that goes for soldiers and civilians alike” said Jakter “Come on, let’s get going”

“Where are you headed sir? Your tent has probably been taken down by now” asked Woon.

“So you just want to stay here and continue to get soaked in this rain?” replied Jakter “Come on already, let’s get dried up”

“Alright sir, then let me prepare the ship for you” said Woon, as he moved through a group of soldiers and towards the ship.

As Jakter watched his adjutant disappears into the crowd. He looked towards the direction of Anton and thought “It’s been a long ride”

Jakter touched his wrinkled forehead as he remembered the moment that Anton, the Great Destroyer appeared near Power Station.

When he heard the news, the Empire was in the middle of a fierce conflict with the Kartel. Jakter believed that Anton was a bigger threat and wanted to gather the Imperial Army to fight it but the nobles did not share the same view. They wanted the Kartel eradicated, post-haste.

Without the support of the nobles, Jakter knew he could not use the Imperial Army against Anton. So he did the unthinkable, he abandoned his post. Knowing that his action amounted to treason; Jakter only accepted volunteers into his ranks. He was able to gather a small army and headed towards Etten to face Anton.

Furious, the nobles of the Empire called for his arrest and execution but the Royal Princess intervened and calmed their anger. She believed that Jakter has a good reason for his actions.

This made the events that transpired even more painful.

Without Jakter to lead them the Imperial Army’s command structure was in chaos and disarray. The Kartel taking full advantage of the situation was able to infiltrate the capital Ghent and kidnap the Princess.

Hearing the dreaded news, Jakter could do nothing but beat his chest in agony. He could not go back since Anton has already absorbed the energy of Power Station and is making its way to Ghent.

A lot of people believe that Anton is just a force of nature, a natural disaster without a purpose but Jakter thought otherwise. His instinct tells him that Anton is an intelligent being that is doing everything on its own free will. Jakter knew the only way to stop Anton from reaching Ghent was to keep him at Power Station. It was a tall order but he was prepared to risk everything in order to achieve victory.

The time has come. Jakter and his volunteer army are finally ready to attack.

“Sir, the preparations are complete, we are ready to depart” shouted Woon near the entrance of the ship.

Jakter moved towards the ship. He stopped in front of his adjutant and asked “How old are you, Lieutenant Lyonir?”

“I’m 24, sir” replied Woon.

“A fun age to be, I think my daughter is around your age but I could be wrong… I can’t remember the last time I went home to see her” said Jakter somberly “She probably hates her old man?”

Woon didn’t respond. He knew it wasn’t a question but rather a sad realization of the sacrifices this man has made for his country, even at the cost of his own happiness.

“What is with that serious face?” asked Jakter “You are not feeling sad for this old man, are you?

“No sir, I…” but before Woon could finish, Jakter gave out a big and hardy laugh.

“Seriously kid, you need to loosen up” said Jakter “You don’t want to end up alone like me, do you?”

Woon sigh on how silly his hot headed commander could be sometimes. Woon looked up to Jakter and asked “…Do we have a chance?”

Jakter did not respond to such a somber question. He shook his military cap rather roughly and slowly put it back on.

“Do you believe in me?” he asked.

“Yes, sir!” said Woon without a hint of hesitation.

“Then let our hunt begin!” said Jakter in boastful voice “No matter how big our prey maybe, we will show how sharp our Eagle claws can be”

Jakter smiled confidently as he looked at Lyonir and all the soldiers who gathered around him and nodded.

“Follow me! We have an Empire to save!”



Dungeon Name Level
Source of the Black Smoke.png Source of the Black Smoke 85-100
Shaking Battleground.png Shaking Battleground 85-100
Durable Leg.png Durable Leg 85-100
Cutting Off the Energy.png Cutting Off the Energy 85-100
Black Volcano.png Black Volcano 85-100

Raid (Obsolete)

The Raid can be only taken on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting at 9 AM UTC.

Phase 1

Dungeon Name Level
Source of the Black Smoke.png Source of the Black Smoke 85-115
Shaking Battleground A.png Shaking Battleground A 85-115
Shaking Battleground B.png Shaking Battleground B 85-115
Durable Leg A.png Durable Leg A 85-115
Durable Leg B.png Durable Leg B 85-115
Naval Cannon Defense.png Naval Cannon Defense 85-115

Phase 2

Dungeon Name Level
Cutting Off the Energy.png Cutting Off the Energy 85-115
Hatchery.png First Hatchery 85-115
Hatchery2.png Second Hatchery 85-115
Hatchery3.png Third Hatchery 85-115
Hatchery4.png Fourth Hatchery 85-115
Black Volcano.png Black Volcano 85-115
Anton's Heart.png Anton's Heart 85-115

Quest only

Dungeon Name Level
Investigating the Black Smoke.png Investigating the Black Smoke
Destroying the Joints.png Destroying the Joints
Way to the Durable Leg.png Way to the Durable Leg
Durable Leg Upper.png Durable Leg Upper
Tracing the Energy.png Tracing the Energy
Inside Black Volcano.png Inside Black Volcano