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Black Fire Rok

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Black Fire Rok
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Black Fire Rok is a mini-boss in Cutting Off the Energy. He is fought alongside his brother, Power Arm Kuro.

Move List

  • Crescent: Rok shoots a crescent-shaped wave in front of him, which deals moderate damage.
  • Lingering Darkness: Many of Rok's attacks will leave a debuff on party members. This debuff will slow down afflicted players, but can be removed by getting hit by Kuro's attacks.
  • Curse of Darkness: Rok shouts "Calling down the Curse of Darkness" and summons a large number of pentacles that explodes after a brief delay and leaves behind a small, black pool. If Kuro moves into these pools, they will disappear all party members will be healed for a large amount.
  • Into the Darkness: The screen briefly fades into black, followed by Rok slamming into the ground. Afterwards, he will shout "Into the Darkness!" and summon large pentacles around party members, which deal massive damage and grow in size over time. During this time, he is invincible. Afterwards, he casts Black Moon then becomes vulnerable again. If Kuro moves into these pentacles, they will disappear and heal party members for a large amount.
  • Black Moon: Rok shouts "Black Moon!" then summons a small Black Moon that chases a random party member, instantly killing any players that come into contact with. The Black Moon can be intercepted by Kuro, which will cause it to disappear.
  • Combo Attack/Dark Crescent Wave: Rok will occasionally begin charging an attack alongside Kuro. After a brief delay, they will shoot two crescent-shaped waves in front of them, then follow up with a long, horizontal slash. This second slash deals massive damage and leaves behind a lingering black stain, which also deals massive damage upon contact.


  • Hold Rok and Kuro together then burst them down as fast as possible.
  • Rok has slightly more health than Kuro, meaning that mechanics such as Black Moon will become harder to deal with.
  • The pentacles left behind by Into the Darkness can be avoided by a well-timed jump.