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Portrait-Roxy, the Berserker.png
Age 357 (at the time of the Screaming Cavern Incident) (Deceased)
Sex Female
Race Dark Elf
Affiliation Fennes Kingdom (Former)
Occupation Mercenary
Alias Roxy, the Berserker
Location Unknown
Aganzo... You've taught me that seeing you everyday is the only happiness I need. I'm sorry for leaving you... But you're more important to me than my own life.

Roxy is one of the many tertiary characters of Dungeon Fighter Online and the love interest of Aganzo.

Known as one of the many warriors who participated in the Screaming Cavern Incident, Roxy was one of the five remaining combatants in final confrontation against the Apostle Sirocco. Unknown to many, and much to the Four Blade Masters' chagrin, Roxy sacrificed herself to deliver the final blow on Sirocco by fully giving in to Kazan's Blood Curse.

Due to reasons unknown, after Sirocco's demise, all memories pertaining to Roxy were seemingly wiped from existence and overwritten. The only faint traces that remain are fragmented images that linger in Aganzo's mind.



Pre-Great Metastasis

Great Metastasis


As an Enemy


Roxy's Concept Artwork

Roxy's Sirocco Raid Full Body Illustration

Roxy's Sirocco Raid NPC Illustration

Roxy under the effects of Kazan's Blood Curse

Roxy as an NPC.


  • The name, Roxy is a shorten variant of Roxanne which is also derived from the Greek Rhōxanē meaning Sun or Bright star.
  • Her weapon once appeared as a Boss Unique.
  • There are uncommon Light Armor pieces that features Aganzo as flavor text, hinting that the Adventurer has found remains of her armor.
  • She also appears in Arad Senki: Slap up Party as both a spirit & supportive role to main protagonist, Baron Abel that only he can communicate with.