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Portrait of Becky




The Witch has a small bit of extra dialogue with Becky upon defeating her while undergoing the quest "Humonculus Becky"

Becky: A-are you going to kill me? Are you going to send me back to Elting Memorial?
Witch: No. You're an interesting humonculus. I want to dissect you.
Becky: WAH!
Witch: I was joking. You're a humonculus from Elting Memorial, huh? You're powerful for a prototype.
Becky: *Snort* I'm chosen by Luke himself! I'm not like those third-rate humonculi of yours!

  • unique dialogue may end here

Witch: Oh, yeah? then do you know where Luke is?
Witch: You don't, do you? he wouldn't tell some weak humonculus where he is. He's probably hiding in Metro Center because he can't trust you.
Becky: NO! Luke trusts me! He's in his secret laboratory in the basement!
Witch: Are you sure? You're not dreaming?
Witch: All right, I'll believe you. But it's not clear if Luke really trusts you, so why don't I go to his secret laboratory and talk to him for you?
Becky: *Snort* Luke really is in there! But you can't get in. His defense system will catch you and SNAP! You'll be dead.
Witch: Are you worried about me? How sweet! But don't worry. I've gone on enough adventures to know what I'm doing.
Becky: A-Adventures? Wow... I'd love to go out--no, I've never wanted to go outside. I swear!