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Principality of Bel Myre

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The Principality of Bel Myre is a sovereign nation on the Arad Continent and serves as a neutral party and mainstay for many Adventurers in Dungeon Fighter Online.

The vast country takes up majority of the western side of the continent, and is bordered by two nations: the Kingdom of Suju to the north and the Kingdom of Fennes to the south. It is known to be a country of magic with a glorious history of over 500 years. The nation's capital is Hendon Myre and it is governed by the queen, Empress Skardi, and three other members of the Queen's counsel.


After the decline of the Pelos Empire in Arad Year 357, there were countless vassal states; many of which frequent wars broke out between them. During this warring period, in Arad Year 471, the Great Mage Myre sacrificed himself to transform the central desert of the western Arad Continent into an oasis, protected by a magical array known as the Great Pentacle. In doing so, he created a safe haven for Elves, Humans, and creatures a like. A group of refugees, having heard of such a place, fled from their homeland and settled there.

In Arad Year 483, the remaining Elves who were touched by Myre's sacrifice and the group of refugees established the Principality of Bel Myre, which in the Elvish language means: the principality of the virtuous. In response to the people's opposition toward war, it declared itself a neutral country. The nation became a 'melting pot' of sorts, immersing itself with the culture and studies of native and neighboring powers. To this end, even the Queen of the Dark Elves, Queen Maya, attempted to appease the strife between their races in Arad Year 938. As a token of her good will she opened trade between the two nations, and sent over her Court Magician Sharan to teach the human citizens magic, creating the organization known as the Mage Guild. Many years later, in Arad Year 995, Bel Myre would also be the home of another group called the Alchemist Guild under the leadership of a former De Los scientist named Loton Maximug.

Although Bel Myre was a nation of peace, it did occasionally have military strife with neighboring powers, most notably the Bantu. As a response, the country maintained a military, but only to a minimum; it kept enough troops that it deemed necessary. This, however, would unfortunately lead to their downfall.

In Arad Year 985, the De Los Empire invaded the northern half of the Principality of Bel Myre and warred over the control of Grand Flores. This battle was crucial due to the Great Pentacle's location being in Grand Flores, which maintains the flora and life in the Bel Myre area. So in summary, whoever has control of Grand Flores, has control of Bel Myre.

When the De Los Empire invaded, the Principality of Bel Myre and the Elves did not have the necessary troops required to hold them off. At this point, a revolutionary group known as the Resistance stepped in to aid Bel Myre; eventually pushing back the De Los forces. However, the De Los Empire did not retreat without a fight. Under the instructions of a mysterious hooded individual, it decided to burn down the forest in retaliation. This is the event known as the Great Blaze, which resulted in the extinction of the Elves and the eventual reappearance of the Sky Tower in the same year.

With the re-emergence of the Sky Tower, the De Los Empire again began to take interest in Bel Myre, and started stationing troops in the area. The Principality grew wary of the threat of another oncoming war, but decided to take a peaceful option instead. Bel Myre lacked the troops to fight back and no longer had the support of the Elves. Their only option was to become a "subsidiary state" of the De Los Empire for twenty years. In Arad Year 986, the Supreme Council of Bel Myre and the De Los Empire came to this agreement.

However, along with this agreement came the negative reputation of the De Los Empire. Now under the affiliation of the Empire, Bel Myre was met with the scrutiny of other powers on the continent. Particularly, this resulted in exacerbating the tension between the Bantu and the Fennes Kingdom, both powers of which had previous negative engagements with the De Los Empire.

Contemporary Period

Mirror Arad

Because of the Great Metastasis the Principality of Bel Myre was torn apart in a great explosion; mutating humans, animals, and plants into monsters and leaving only ruins behind. Many of the surviving citizens either remained in the ruins or evacuated to Underfoot



Notable Members