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Frost Cave

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Future content.png This article contains content that was removed.
Frost Cave
Frost Cave.png
Location Iced Wall of Resignation
Min. Level 53
Level 53-56
Monster Level 56
End Boss Frost Witch Heen


The Iced Wall of Resignation is a sacred ground where no monster dares to enter. There's a sad story about the Wall: a woman went on a journey to bring her dead fiance back to life. She went through many hardships, just to have her plan thwarted by some mage. Brokenhearted, she threw herself off the Wall and died, but her spirit came back as a Snow Woman. Her story was long forgotten until Mintai met her in her dream. She asked you to look for her in the Nightmare without telling Bwanga and Michelle. You found out that the frosty cave was unlike the sad yet beautiful legend of the Snow Woman.


Map FrostCave.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Fatigue Points:

8 (Spent at entry)





  • Frost Witch Heen

NPC Questions/Answers (Quiz)

Missing info.png Seria says: "Nothing should be as mysterious as I am!"

Some info is missing, please help to provide it if you can.

  • Along the way in Frost Cave, you will encounter Frozen APCs who will ask you a series of questions (quiz).
  • The APCs you will encounter and the questions they ask will be random from a set list.
  • There is a right answer and a wrong answer for each question.
  • You have a limited time (15 seconds) to choose an answer, after which the APCs will automatically become hostile.
  • If you answer all three questions correctly, that APC is 'saved' and will accompany you through the rest of the dungeon.
  • If you answer incorrectly, the APC to whom you gave the wrong answer will immediately become your enemy.


Could you show me your hands? ✓ Show me your hands with the palms up.
✗ Show the back of your hands.
Do you really want to get close to me? ✓ Doesn't matter.
✗ I like it here better.
Do you fence? I've seen some swordfights when I was in the Empire, and I wasn't impressed at all. ✓ That's not true! Imperial swordsmanship is anything but crude!
✗ I agree. Imperial swordsmanship is downright crude.
I came to find someone. Haven't you heard someone's voice around here? ✓ I've heard a woman's voice.
✗ I've heard a man's voice.
Let's say a nobleman married a commoner woman. What's the first thing that comes to your mind? ✓ Even their families couldn't get in the way of their love.
✗ The girl might have wanted his money, though.

Ice Snow Flower

Which one is a Thief Class? ✓ Rogue
✗ Angel Girl Neti
What kind of armor do Elementalists prefer to wear? ✓ Cloth
✗ Titanium alloy
Which one is the Special dungeon in Abnova? ✓ Forgotten Forest
✗ Tower of Illusion
Who's the leader of the GBL Order? ✓ Ophelia Bagrans
✗ Mugi Jang
What's the maximum capacity of a guild? ✓ 300
✗ 22

Wacky Lim Lim

It was all BAM! KABOOM! Then the golem was like pfff, pzz, and stomped away. ✓ Yay, yay, ho!
✗ You must be sad. I'll be your friend.
A big-mouthed friend and a small-mouthed friend were having a race, and both of them slipped on the ice. Who do you think ate the meat? ✓ Craving for Meat
✗ Small Mouth Friend
What do milk and cockroaches have in common? ✓ Slippery?
✗ Slick?
Gomen's the friend of the snow. Whose friend is the bird? ✓ Golem
✗ Wind
Papi, popo, pipo, tarrrr... kwa, kwa, choop? Tarorong, pirorong, pak, pak, hip! ✓ Papi, popi, pi... Hip?
✗ ...What?


I don't have time for this. I have a mission to accomplish... ✓ You're a shame to your kind. Get it together!
✗ What mission? Are you a messenger of the Dark Elves?
Who are you? Are you her enemy? ✓ What do you mean?
✗ Is the Queen in here?
Ugh.. Jakarta... ✓ What? I can't hear you.
✗ Are you after her?
I'm pretty rusty with daggers now. Minet would have laughed if she were here. ✓ You'd better leave before that friend of yours catches you.
✗ Are you an agent of the Dark Elves?
This place isn't safe. I'd better leave... ✓ Whatever your reason is to be here, I don't think it's bad.
✗ Did you come here to steal something?

Shadow Knight Sayoung

Why can't I be like him? Why am I trapped in his shadow? ✓ That's your destiny.
✗ Just keep trying.
Do you know what's the harshest thing that could happen to a warrior? ✓ Pitiful glances from others.
✗ Die already.
There's one I couldn't give up, even if my life depended on it... ✓ Revenge?
✗ Power?
But that joke has remained with me all this time. What I've wanted to become... Master... ✓ Think about what your master told you.
✗ Even masters aren't always right.
I've never been able to win against him. What else could I do? ✓ You can make a detour.
✗ Try harder.


There's something as real as the snow on this mountain. What do you think that is? ✓ That you're the best!
✗ That you'll die alone!
YOLO!Watch my powerful jabs! ✓ You're awesome! Teach me!
✗ YOLO! Watch me knock you down!
I have the power to save the world, but I won't use it.You know why? ✓ Because the world is too big for you to hande.
✗ Because the world needs saving from you.
What do you think makes him different from me? ✓ Aganzo is not as tenacious as you.
✗ Aganzo has a girlfriend.
Men live to fight! Their success in life depends on their fists! ✓ That's the truth!
✗ Then you've failed.

General Smoke

Can you guess what I like to smell? ✓ Thick smoke?
✗ Clogged toilet?
Have you seen my soldiers? ✓ Nope.
✗ I might have killed them.
Do you know what holds the greatest power in war? ✓ Luck
✗ Information
Before the Great Devolution, I was the leader of many soldiers, does that make be a great leader? ✓ Yes
✗ No
A famous tactician once said, "War cannot be won without this". Guess what it is. ✓ Diplomatic strategies
✗ A well trained army and an impregnable fortress

Treasure Hunter Jakarta

You must be stronger than you look. It's not easy to get this far. ✓ Gee, thanks.
✗ You're one to talk
✗ You're weaker than me.
Do you know about Karahon's Red Eye? ✓ Red Eye? What's that?
✗ It's what you've stolen from the Dark Elves, you thief!
Who are you helping? ✓ Do I look like a charity worker?
✗ I'll help you.
What are you doing here? Are you from the Empire? ✓ Yes
✗ Never!
Why am I here? I can't remember... ✓ I'll help. Let's get out together
✗ You're probably here to steal some treasure.

Sharva Sword God

Which NPC is not found in the Sewer? ✓ Donatello
✗ Grubeck Goblinde
What's the name of the GBL Captain? ✓ Vangelis
✗ Vin Disel [sic]
Which one is not a Female Slayer class? ✓ Vegetable
✗ Vagabond
What do you need to use cute Canna's PC Cafe Vending Machine? ✓ PC Cafe Vending Machine Token
✗ Help from a handsome PC cafe employee
What does Mintai sell? ✓ Cold health potions
✗ Burning hot passion potions

Worm Deschamps

Which insect eats it's male after mating? ✓ Mantis
✗ Camel Cricket
This insect has ears on it's legs. What's the name of the insect? ✓ Cricket
✗ Grasshopper
Which insect has the longest lifespan? ✓ Long-horned Beetle
✗ 17-year-old Cicada
How long mayflies live? ✓ A year
✗ Day
What's your favorite food made with insects? ✓ Boiled pupae
✗ Fried spiders


Which one is an ideal party member? ✓ Who uses skills appropriately depending on the situation
✗ Who uses only the basic skills to save Clear Cubes
Which item can be found only in the Otherverse? ✓ Chronicle items
✗ Epic items
What's the title of Alchemist Morgan? ✓ Dark Elf Court Alchemist
✗ Lovemancer
What is Michelle's power? ✓ Telekinesis
✗ Thrust
Which option waives penalties in the Otherverse? ✓ Exorcism
✗ Awesome Avatars.