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Ryku Point

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Ryku Point
Location Mount Thunderime
Min. Level 42
Level 42-44
Monster Level 44
End Boss IconIce Golem Ryku.png  Ice Golem Ryku


The Adventurer witnesses the tragedy that happened to the cold-hearted child, Charlie. The Adventurer follows Iris who came to Mount Thunderime, and together they set out on a quest to find the cause of this sudden cold wind. Ryku means white shadow in Bantu. A dark, evil energy awaits them ahead.


Ryku Point
1 Map Boss.png
2 Map E.png Map NSEW.png Map SW.png
3 Map E.png Map SEW.png Map EW.png Map NEW.png Map NW.png
4 Map N.png

Starting zones:
Boss zones:
Min. Fatigue:
Max. Fatigue:




Note that in the current version of DFO, players always start at the D2 coordinate, not C1 (as indicated by the map). Keep this in mind as you continue reading.

The first room contains only Bantu Warriors and Bantu Amazons, which are pretty easy to kill. Since there are a good number of each, having some mob control will ensure a fast clearing of the room.

The next room you advance to will have a mix of Bantu Warriors, Sigaves, Flag Sigaves, and catapults manned by Goblin Cannon Commanders. You will fight the Bantu Warriors head-on, while the catapults are situated in the back, hurling giant snowballs at you that inflict around 200 to 400 damage. You can't get to the Sigaves and catapults due to a barricade in the middle of the room; however, once you defeat all of the Bantu Warriors, the barricade will be destroyed. Destroy the catapults and kill the Goblin Cannon Commanders and Sigaves.

At this point, you are given two rooms to choose. The room to the left (C1) contains Bolk Patriarch Trumansbauch, who holds the Crystallized Dragon Ice, a quest item. Kill him if necessary. If you do not need him, advance to the room to the right (C3).

Room C3 contains Sigaves and catapults manned by Goblin Cannon Commanders. Kill all of the Sigaves first, then proceed to the catapults. It is strongly recommended that you take down the catapults and Goblin Commanders one at a time. Goblin Cannon Commanders can summon Goblikaze that inflict around 600-700 damage. If you destroy all of the catapults at once, you will have to deal with a larger number of Goblikaze and thus the risk of getting hit is much higher, doing more harm than good.

Once that room is cleared, you will now be able to go inside the cave, which will begin from the next room of the dungeon onward. The next batch of monsters you will have to face now are the Bubble Slaughterers, Ice Golems, Thunder Golems, and Storm Golems. All of them are easy to kill and should not cause any huge problems for players.

Additional Tips

  • Once you're inside the cave, snow will periodically fall on you, so never stay in one place for more than five seconds.