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Category:Storm Pass dungeons

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Mount Thunderime
Mount Thunderime Map.png
Location Storm Pass
Min. Level 40
Level 40-45
Monster Level 42-47
End Boss Icon-Ice Dragon Skasa.png Ice Dragon Skasa
Loading Screen of Mount Thunderime

Mount Thunderime is the dungeon zone following Noire Ferra in level progression. Mount Thunderime is accessed from Storm Pass in the top left-area of the world map. Players must have been level 40 or higher to enter.


These are the dungeons that are in Mount Thunderime.

Dungeon Name Previous Level
TheRidge.png The Ridge 40-42
Frozenheart.png Frozenheart 41-43
RykuPoint.png Ryku Point 42-44
Frostfield.png Frostfield 43-45
Bwanga'sCamp.png Bwanga's Camp 44-46

Scenario Only

Dungeon Name Level
MountainThunderimeForest.png Mountain Thunderime Forest 40
Skasa'sLair.png Skasa's Lair 45-47


Dungeon Name Level
IcePalace.png Ice Palace 46-49

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