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Skasa the Ice Dragon

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Ice Dragon Skasa (Korean: 냉룡 스카사) is one the last of Three Great Dragons that was sent down to the Arad Continent by Apostle Bakal, later residing in the cold area of Stru Mountains, and causing grief among the Bantus.

Origin Artwork of Skasa.





As an Enemy


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Icon-Skasa the Ice Dragon.png Skasa the Ice Dragon


Type TypeDragon.png
Family Dragon
Level 60
Dungeons Skasa's Lair
Drops unknown
Edit Data
Skasa the Ice Dragon in-game portrait


Skasa the Ice Dragon is the boss of Skasa's Lair. Employs a wide assortment of ridiculously powerful attacks, most of which are essentially one hit kills if you are hit by them.

Move List

  • If you are too close to her, she will claw you away from her with her left claw (the claw further away from the screen)
  • Raises his right claw (the claw closer to the screen) and slams the ground, causing a quake that inflicts absurd damage to everything on the ground. If you are too close to her, her claw can cause an additional hit and slam you into the ground to be hit by the quake.
  • Shriek: Skasa lowers her head backwards, then pushes forward and lets out a shriek that causes area-of-effect damage around her head. The attack inflicts moderate damage, yet causes more hits if you are closer to her head. Can inflict stun on hit.
  • Twister: Skasa lowers her head backwards. After charging for a brief moment, she will scream and cause a twister to appear at the right side of the room. Everyone in the party will be dragged into the twister during the duration of this attack. Being caught in the twister will result in upwards of 10 hits juggle, inflicting monstrous damage. [Potential one hit kill]
  • Ice Age: Skasa reels her head backwards and begins to charge up. During this time, the screen darkens and you are pulled in slowly towards her. After a few seconds of charging up, Skasa performs a ridiculously powerful Ice Breath attack that turns the right side of the room into a frozen wasteland, destroying anything unfortunate enough to be caught in it. [Potential one hit kill]
  • When her health reaches certain levels, casts buffs that increase her defense and HP regeneration.
  • Cannot be grabbed, launched, or knocked down.


  • Skasa may seem impossible to defeat alone at first, but do not be intimidated. Although she has many fiendishly powerful attacks, they are all easily avoidable. All of Skasa's attacks are delayed and have an unique animation to warn you beforehand which attack she is going to use, thus the trick to fighting Skasa is to anticipate her attacks, watch her movements and dodge accordingly. Although difficult, it is possible to defeat Skasa without being hit at all if one has gotten used to her patterns.
  • Try not to use attacks that immobilize or require your character to stand still for extended periods of time [[[File:Neil the Sniper.png|link=Neil the Sniper]] Neil the Sniper, Wild Shot.png Wild Shot, Hurricane 'n' Roll.png Hurricane 'n' Roll, etc.]. Skasa might catch you offguard by attacking you in the middle of your attack, potentially killing you in one hit.
  • You can walk through and under Skasa. Touching her won't do anything to you, but it's advised not to as this will prompt her to use his claw attacks which are virtually unavoidable at that close in range.
  • Jump to avoid her ground pound move. She can and will use ground pound over and over, be prepared to jump multiple times if needed.
  • When Skasa lowers her head towards the left of the screen, stay on the bottom-middle of the screen. If there is a vacuum effect pulling you towards him while she's charging, she's going to use Twister. If not, she’ll use Shriek.
  • Skasa will sometimes Shriek and generate nothing from it. Choose this opprotunity to attack her.
  • If she uses Shriek, you have a split second to run to the right side of the screen to avoid being hit.
  • If she uses Twister, stay at the bottom of the screen and continually run left. Avoid the middle of the Y-axis. You are also free to attack his body and deal some heavy damage while he still summons the twister, but you'll have to quickly escape as he'll let down a swipe of his claw as soon as he's done.
  • If you are hit by Shriek, break out of Stun (Status).png Stun (Status) quickly and jump immediately. Skasa usually uses a ground pound after stunning targets with Shriek.
  • Twister juggles and causes water elemental damage. If you have poor water resistance, expect to be juggled to death if you are hit at the start of the attack.
  • When Skasa reels her head backwards towards the top left of the screen, or if you notice the room starts to darken, run towards her (under her head) immediately to avoid Ice Age.
  • Ice Age CAN and WILL wipe out the entire party within one attack.
  • Once you have memorized all her attacks, all you have to do is to be patient and attack when Skasa is not attacking. Do not let your guard down even if she only has one or two bars of life left, or you might be hit unexpectedly and potentially die instantly. Be on full alert at all times and only relax when Skasa drops dead at your feet.
  • Skasa IS affected by hitstun, even though it's barely noticable. It's possible for a party of four extremely fast attackers who know what they're doing to stunlock him / slow down his attacks.

Notes / Oddities

  • Skasa will use her ground pound move upon your entry into the room and destroy her own offspring eggs.
  • His Card in the NA version of KDnF is spelled Scasa, instead of Skasa.


  • Skasa's name is derived from Scatha, a Long-worm featured in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium.



Skasa during the Machine Revolution.